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  1. E

    WordPress Toolkit has detected known vulnerabilities on WordPress sites under your care

    Hi Is there any way to let cpanel send emails to the client regarding they need to update their websites whenever a vuln have been found by wptoolkit ?
  2. M

    WordPress Toolkit dont create htaccess file

    The WordPress Toolkit dont generate the default .htaccess file on news installations. How fix this?
  3. T

    SOLVED WordPress Toolkit error Could not create new 'wp-config.php' file.

    I can't install wordpress via wordpress toolkit Here are some errors I found in the wordpress toolkit logs. [2022-08-01 06:08:26.504] DEBUG Rollback WordPress installation of instance #1913: remove from WPT database [2022-08-01 06:08:26.518] DEBUG Execute shell command: 'rm -rf...
  4. MajorLancelot

    WordPress Toolkit Plugin Notifications

    We set notifications so that customers could know what is expected of them when it comes to WordPress Toolkit. This is kinda odd: Not sure why notification like this is being sent to customers: Updates are available for the following items: Shouldn't be going to...
  5. R

    Customized Wordpress install for Toolkit

    Hello, I still feel documentation is lacking for Toolkit. We want to know if we can customize the WordPress installation for Toolkit. I.E: We use our own addons, files, etc (We use a Custom Package with Softaculous for example). Is this possible with Toolkit, and where can we find more info?
  6. K

    WordPress Toolkit

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the best way to resolve this issue So when sorting WPtoolkit for the sites that are "Broken" What is the best way to archive the files so that the toolkit does not pick up the install anymore... I tried to 000the offending directory...
  7. K

    SOLVED WordPress Toolkit Fixed Vulnerability Stll Displaying

    Howdy! In WordPress Toolkit > Security > Fix Vulnerabilities I had a plugin that needed upgrading or deleting. I deactivated and deleted the plugin from within WordPress, but now that vulnerability notice is still there in WordPress Toolkit. I have tried re-scanning, no effect, and there does...
  8. P

    WP Toolkit can't use the "Copy" feature

    Hello everyone, I was working on a staging site and looking to Copy the file to the live site and it comes with the following errors: Failed to reset cache for the instance #34: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 106496 bytes) in...
  9. K

    WordPress Toolkit found site vulnerabilities

    Howdy, WordPress Toolkit sent me a notification this morning. I have already contacted the plugin author. The plugin in question was updated 2 weeks ago, and I'm running the current version of both WP and the plugin. The notification listed the name of the plugin and the version number. My...
  10. U

    WordPress Toolkit Security Measures

    Hi - I've had a few instances in which clients have other apps installed in subdirectories in public_html and, after applying security measures, those are no longer accessible. a 404 error is returned. In two cases, the last security measure to be applied is, "Restrict access to files and...
  11. angelleye

    SOLVED Is there a way to add an existing site into the WordPress Toolkit?

    I have websites on the server that were not installed using the WordPress Toolkit. I would like to add them to the Toolkit so that I can manage them as if they were installed with it. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! EDIT: I saw the Scan button, but I was...
  12. D

    WordPress Toolkit fails to uninstall plugin when proc_open, proc_close are disabled in PHP config

    It looks like WordPress Toolkit has several severe bugs. You can't install WordPress on PHP 8.x with mail disabled via disabled_functions in PHP. It also can't uninstall WordPress plugins when you have proc_open disabled via disabled_functions in PHP. While uninstalling a plugin: WordPress...
  13. H

    WordPress Toolkit Failed to update selected items. Decrypting an empty string is prohibited.

    Attempting to update any WP Site from the toolkit show this error: Failed to update selected items. Decrypting an empty string is prohibited. and the install fails. This error occurs when trying to update the WordPress version, however, many plugin updates are working through this feature...
  14. K

    Error: Download failed for Wordpress Toolkit Updates

    Hello Forum, I'm having an issue with Wordpress Toolkit performing updates - any updates - core, plugins, themes, etc. See attached screenshot. It occurs when using WHM Toolkit Plugin as root, or logged in to the user cpanel It's been going on for at least month, including with the prior...
  15. P

    Wordpress toolkit php mailer error

    Hi, I have WHM with disabled php mail() function because security reason, but looks like that make problem in WP installation with Wordpress toolkit. When I run installation process of new WP installation, I get error: WordPress was installed with errors: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to...
  16. G

    Wordpress Toolkit anyway to access all screenshots?

    Is there anyway to access the screenshots Wordpress Toolkit creates? I'd like to use them with the API to create a dashboard.
  17. D

    Toolkit restore points are hidden

    Apologies for another Toolkit post... When you clone a website you have the option to create a restore point when you copy data back to the live site. The help text explains that this can be used to roll back the changes if anything goes wrong. That's great, but the restore point is not showing...
  18. D

    WordPress Toolkit hotlink protection doesn't work

    This is a follow-up on this post: https://forums.cpanel.net/threads/how-does-wordpress-toolkit-keep-track-of-debug-settings.695165/#post-2888001 The issue is that the hotlink protection in Toolkit doesn't work for me at all. I have been able to reproduce this issue on multiple servers. This...
  19. D

    How does WordPress ToolKit keep track of debug settings?

    I think I know the answer to this one but I just want to double-check... When you tweak debugging settings via WordPress ToolKit it writes rules to the wp-config.php file. But, if you then manually change (or delete) rules by editing wp-config.php directly ToolKit doesn't notice the settings...
  20. D

    WordPress ToolKit update settings descriptions

    When you use Wordpress Toolkit to install WordPress there are three options for automatic updates (no automatic updates, only minor updates and all updates). All three options have the same description: "For example, neither 4.7.1 nor 4.8 will be automatically updated." Also, just to check, am...