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    New Thread Wordpress Toolkit anyway to access all screenshots?

    Is there anyway to access the screenshots Wordpress Toolkit creates? I'd like to use them with the API to create a dashboard.
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    Toolkit restore points are hidden

    Apologies for another Toolkit post... When you clone a website you have the option to create a restore point when you copy data back to the live site. The help text explains that this can be used to roll back the changes if anything goes wrong. That's great, but the restore point is not showing...
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    WordPress Toolkit hotlink protection doesn't work

    This is a follow-up on this post: https://forums.cpanel.net/threads/how-does-wordpress-toolkit-keep-track-of-debug-settings.695165/#post-2888001 The issue is that the hotlink protection in Toolkit doesn't work for me at all. I have been able to reproduce this issue on multiple servers. This...
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    How does WordPress ToolKit keep track of debug settings?

    I think I know the answer to this one but I just want to double-check... When you tweak debugging settings via WordPress ToolKit it writes rules to the wp-config.php file. But, if you then manually change (or delete) rules by editing wp-config.php directly ToolKit doesn't notice the settings...
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    WordPress ToolKit update settings descriptions

    When you use Wordpress Toolkit to install WordPress there are three options for automatic updates (no automatic updates, only minor updates and all updates). All three options have the same description: "For example, neither 4.7.1 nor 4.8 will be automatically updated." Also, just to check, am...
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    cPanel® Version 100 is now in RELEASE!

    cPanel® Version 100 is now in RELEASE! We are happy to announce that cPanel Version 100 has now been released to the RELEASE tier! What’s new in Version 100? So much! Some of the features we’re most excited about include: Jupiter – A Modern Theme for cPanel WordPress Toolkit Deluxe is now...