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    EasyApache4 / php74 & 70 consuming 100% of all cores

    I'm having increasingly regular issues where my cloud server locks up, when serving php-based websites via EasyApache4 I have a couple of sites that are still stuck on php7.0 (And will take time to get them upgraded, as their developers need to figure out how to upgrade them), but most sites...
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    Git Version control for wordpress site (beginner)

    Hello! Good day everyone! Hope I ask in the right thread! I would like to ask a question about Git version control in Cpanel. I have a Wordpress site and I'd like to keep a version in Github to keep track all the website versions as well as to see what files changed. I'm a beginner in using...
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    Site Software Wordpress Add user error

    long story short(but a lil detail incase i missed a step). bought a VPS Changed nameserver across for domain Created cpanel user for myself(it auto made as reseller) installed site software wordpress logged into cpanel account and as you can see by the picture, i get that error. now the only...
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    setup wordpress on other server using cpanel

    Hey Members , I have hosted cpanel on centos but need to setup wordpress on another server using that cpanel . is there any way or how can i do that ? Help me out with this issue. i need to setup cpanel on ubuntu but its not supported on that os , so hosting cpanel on centos and manage...
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    Remove wordpress installer

    Hi, When i disable default "wordpress installer", he not uninstall from cPanel. I attached 2 images. How can i solve this problem?. Thank you very much.
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    Configure WordPress Manager

    Hi, I have enabled "WordPress Manager": img6 But are not installing WordPress in last verison (5.4.1), he install wordpress in version 5.2.6. -How can i configure him for always install last version?. -Where can i disable "backup" tab?. Because i have other backup system. -Can i translate the...
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    Installing Multiple WordPress Sites

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to install a second WordPress site on my web space and want to make sure that it doesn't affect the one that is already in place. The existing WordPress site was not installed via cPanel, and so it doesn't appear on the WordPress manager ('No compatible WordPress sites...
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    Wordpress Admin Very Slow

    Hello Everyone thank you for your support i am looking for help to resolve an issue we recently moved to litespeed, the websites are loading perfectly fine and also quick compared to apache. but i think it could be better and we have a unique issue We have noticed most of the wordpress...
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    How to Provide WordPress Hosting ?

    Hey guys I want to provide WordPress hosting from which user order hosting from WHMCS and WordPress automatically installed and given to him I want to sell WordPress hosting, how I can ? Is Thier any plugin for it?
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    Is there any option to add cPanel to Lightsail Bitnami Wordpress?

    Literally, is there any option to add cPanel to Lightsail Bitnami wordpress? I have to access to certificate files on cPanel and run the node server file. Any solution? Thank you,
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    Mail delivery system failure from WordPress website

    Hi, when sending a message via contact form 7 email is not send. It displays message "Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method." with red border box, which indicates that the problem is in web hosting mailing service. My contact form is...
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    Wordpress "Could not insert post into the database"

    This is a newly built server with very little customization. Customer site was moved from another server with no issues. Pertinent info: OS: CloudLinux 3.10.0-962.3.2.lve1.5.28.el7.x86_64 WHM: v86.0.9 (will update to .12 tonight) Webserver: Apache/2.4.41 (cPanel) OpenSSL/1.1.1d...
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    404 not found - Files not in proper directory

    Hi. I have a hosting and the support seems quite limited and I'm not so good with cPanel, so need to learn. I purchased a new domain and created a new database. This is a CMS hosting with WordPress. I have an earlier website working fine and am sharing this CMS hosting. I sent the following...
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    The system found a new WordPress site but could not make it manageable

    I migrated a website to a new cpanel hosting manually (thru SFTP). When I go to WordPress Manager and try "Discover Sites" I got this error: "The system found a new WordPress site, “/home/$mywebsite/public_html/wp-config.php”, but could not make it manageable because of the following error...
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    SOLVED [31285 ] Wordpress Manager with outdated Wordpress version

    Hi Wordpress Manager does not seem to have the latest Wordpress version always updated. My WHM shows version 5.2.1 while the version 5.3.2 is already out from Wordpress. Is there any way to get the latest Wordpress updated as soon as possible once released? Thank you
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    Wordpress Manager - No compatible WordPress sites exist on this cPanel account.

    Greetings, I'm trying to figure out why the Discover Sites fails to find any wp installations. I have set-up two new wp (4.9.5 and 5.2.1) installations in sub-folders (public_html/*) but the Wordpress Manager doesn't find them, the only message is: No compatible WordPress sites exist on this...
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    My Entire Website Is Gone After Installing WordPress - How Can I Recover?

    Hello, So I had website with contents on it: images, texts... The website was working well and running pretty good. Then I decided that it would be good to install WordPress there and continue building the website from there, but after installing WP, my entire website was gone. No contents, no...
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    Configs whm server to login by google and facebook account in wordpress

    Hi Cpanel. I am a new member and new with cpanel server, vps hosting. in the my website, it have option login by account google and account facebook. I config developer facebook and google succesful but can not login in website I checked in other hosting as shard hosting, it active fine. but in...
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    NGINX and Wordpress - 404 errors

    Hi! I'm using, or trying to, NGINX with Wordpress but opens just the home page, if I try to navigate though the website I get 404 errors. Anything I might be missing? I know it's on test but I would love to be part os this test. Anyways... What can I do about Wordpres 404 and Nginx? Regards
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    Server issues - unable to access wordpress dashboard

    Hi, Can someone from your support PLEASE contact me!!!! I am having serious issues with your servers and not being able to login to my wordpress dashboard. I am kept at a ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS page without an error code, I see this on multiple devices. This has been happening since 26 October...