1. E

    WordPress Toolkit has detected known vulnerabilities on WordPress sites under your care

    Hi Is there any way to let cpanel send emails to the client regarding they need to update their websites whenever a vuln have been found by wptoolkit ?
  2. M

    WordPress Toolkit dont create htaccess file

    The WordPress Toolkit dont generate the default .htaccess file on news installations. How fix this?
  3. T

    SOLVED WordPress Toolkit error Could not create new 'wp-config.php' file.

    I can't install wordpress via wordpress toolkit Here are some errors I found in the wordpress toolkit logs. [2022-08-01 06:08:26.504] DEBUG Rollback WordPress installation of instance #1913: remove from WPT database [2022-08-01 06:08:26.518] DEBUG Execute shell command: 'rm -rf...
  4. MajorLancelot

    WordPress Toolkit Plugin Notifications

    We set notifications so that customers could know what is expected of them when it comes to WordPress Toolkit. This is kinda odd: Not sure why notification like this is being sent to customers: Updates are available for the following items: Shouldn't be going to...
  5. R

    Customized Wordpress install for Toolkit

    Hello, I still feel documentation is lacking for Toolkit. We want to know if we can customize the WordPress installation for Toolkit. I.E: We use our own addons, files, etc (We use a Custom Package with Softaculous for example). Is this possible with Toolkit, and where can we find more info?
  6. G

    Best profiles selection for wordpress sites

    Hello, I'm checking my cpanel configuration, which I haven't checked for a long time, and I found that there is now a configuration profile for easyapache4 that includes nginx. Has anyone changed from "cPanel Worker MPM" ( Apache 2.4 and PHP 8.0) to "cPanel Default NGINX" ( NGINX® 1.21, Apache...
  7. K

    WordPress Toolkit

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the best way to resolve this issue So when sorting WPtoolkit for the sites that are "Broken" What is the best way to archive the files so that the toolkit does not pick up the install anymore... I tried to 000the offending directory...
  8. K

    SOLVED WordPress Toolkit Fixed Vulnerability Stll Displaying

    Howdy! In WordPress Toolkit > Security > Fix Vulnerabilities I had a plugin that needed upgrading or deleting. I deactivated and deleted the plugin from within WordPress, but now that vulnerability notice is still there in WordPress Toolkit. I have tried re-scanning, no effect, and there does...
  9. G

    Force Wordpress to install in MyISAM instead of InnoDB

    I had a major problem last year with InnoDB, and had to completely disable it using: innodb_force_recovery=5 No one has been able to track down the actual error, so instead I had to change everything to MyISAM. Now I have a new account that wants to install Wordpress, but I keep getting...
  10. rivermobster

    Moving a WordPress installation, with the new cPanel tools?

    Hey all, I need to move a staging WP site I built from testsite.com to newsite.com (the names have been changed to protect the innocent). Can any of the fancy new cPanel tools be used to do this?? Or is one of these methods still the best option...
  11. P

    How Do I Restart a Website?

    How do I restart just a single website WITHOUT restarting Apache? I don't see the need to restart the entire web server over just one site timing out. I would rather just have a button to click which says something like "restart website" next to the name of each site. If you could tell me where...
  12. C

    Mutiple wordpress accounts hacked on 1 server

    Hi, This morning we have had mutiple wordpress accounts hack on 1 of out servers. Amoung other things, the hacker changed the username of all affect accounts to Ridiz. every account has either shell access disabled or jailed. the server itself can only be accessed via SSH from the office. So...
  13. F

    Wordpress Rest Api and loopback requests

    Hi, I have a server with WHM where Wordpress sites show me this error. I have checked firewall, RAM etc. Any clues? The REST API encountered an error The REST API is one way WordPress, and other applications, communicate with the server. One example is the block editor screen, which relies...
  14. S

    Snuffleupagus and WordPress

    WordPress: 5.9.2 Plugins Installed: None PHP version: EA-74 (php74-php-snuffleupagus - Installed) We have noticed this week that a clean install of WordPress with no other plugins throws the error below when the Site Health link is clicked from the Dashboard. After some testing of the same...
  15. K

    WordPress Toolkit found site vulnerabilities

    Howdy, WordPress Toolkit sent me a notification this morning. I have already contacted the plugin author. The plugin in question was updated 2 weeks ago, and I'm running the current version of both WP and the plugin. The notification listed the name of the plugin and the version number. My...
  16. N

    SOLVED wordpress --operation permitted

    Hello! I have a problem, and I hope you can help me. I have more accounts on my whm server and one of my costumer can't update his wp page. [23-Feb-2022 04:07:43 UTC] PHP Warning: chmod(): Operation not permitted in .../public_html/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-direct.php on line 173...
  17. UHLHosting

    Nginx Cache Manager - WooCommerce Cache Rules

    Hi, So we were glad to see Nginx Cache Manager working with Apache! We have 1 production website where the customer already informed us about issues with their products not being visible in the cart after they were added to cart. We do not use other caching plugins that can interact with such...
  18. G

    Wordpress update hung up from all morning

    My server started throwing errors about a high server load and services failing all morning today. the server load went up over 30! The only thing I can find in any of the logs is in /var/log/secure, where I have an error related to Wordpress over and over. The site isn't letting me post the...
  19. U

    WordPress Toolkit Security Measures

    Hi - I've had a few instances in which clients have other apps installed in subdirectories in public_html and, after applying security measures, those are no longer accessible. a 404 error is returned. In two cases, the last security measure to be applied is, "Restrict access to files and...
  20. schoeps

    Nginx blocking WordPress admin bars again :(

    Anyone have a quick workaround or do I need to just flick it off on an account level basis? When will we get a URL API to clear the cache?