1. WebJIVE

    WordPress Toolkit Deluxe Pricing, really?

    Congrats on the release of the WP Toolkit Deluxe. I guess I'm either still laughing or still in shock. I added the product to my cPanel cart and for 60 accounts, the monthly bill will be $90??? How can you justify that price with Softaculous and Installatron costing a fraction of that and...
  2. K

    Wordpress Toolkit does not back up entire Wordpress directory

    Howdy! Unlike Wordpress Manager, Toolkit does not appear to backup everything in the Wordpress directory. For example, we have several non-wordpress directories (with php scripts and other files) in that directory because they rely on the main domain, but are not part of the wordpress...
  3. K

    Installing Wordpress on Add-on domain with Toolkit

    Howdy, I am trying to install Wordpress on a fresh account to an add-on domain. In CPanel, I go to Wordpress Toolkit > Install WordPress (blue button) In the installation path, the add-on domain is not available, only the subdomain that cpanel created for the add-on. So, for example, the...
  4. F

    need to install varnish cache for some wordpress website

    Dears i need to install varnish for some website on our cPanel server, not for all websites knowing that we use apache 2.4 + OPcache if there is some alternative to varnish it's Ok for us we just need to activate a cache in some e-commerce websites
  5. J

    Wordpress Toolkit problem Command execution failed

    Dear I'm trying to do a wordpress version update, using the "Wordpress Toolkit" But it shows an error message : " Command execution failed. It seems that the process has been killed by some other process. The most probable root causes are memory limits for the site LVE: the site is either...
  6. B

    Nightly stats processing is disabling wordpress plugins

    The strangest thing has been happing this month! I noticed every night at midnight Two wordpress plugins get disabled. Then i realized it might be the daily apache stats processing thing running every 24hr. I couldn't find where that gets logged but i'm assuming it does an apache restart every...
  7. Arvy

    Wordpress (Pre VirtualHost Include) protection not working anymore

    Hello, since last cPanel update, my hack to protect Wordpress sites is not working anymore. Worked for years. Scenario: avoid robots to reach Wordpress/PHP (CPU/memory intensive, password brute-force to WP-Admin). So, I do a simple basic authentication before the real WP login screen. User...
  8. B

    TLS 1.2 Not Enabled in Wordpress

    Hello, I installed the "tls1.2 compatibility test" plugin in Wordpress and it reports that tls 1.2 is disabled and can't curl to " cURL error 6: Could not resolve host: tlstest.paypal.com " I did google and read the documentation but can't figure it out. Under Glogbal Apache settings, I set...
  9. P

    SOLVED Install and Remove Wordpress Toolkit Deluxe

    Hi, I did install Wordpress Toolkit Deluxe by command: sh <(curl https://wp-toolkit.plesk.com/cPanel/installer.sh || wget -O - https://wp-toolkit.plesk.com/cPanel/installer.sh) But, Now I want remove it. I don't know how can do this. Thank you
  10. O

    Wordpress Toolkit is stuck at 47% and even killing the process does not change

    I have already restarted the server and nothing changes.
  11. A

    Blocking access to all WordPress sites on a cPAnels erver

    Hi all, in recent months when I guess people have more free time I'm noticing a huge rise in bruteforce attacks towards WordPress /wp-admin pages. I wanted to know if there is a possibility to restrict access to this link for all WordPress pages hosted on the cPanel server. All of my customers...
  12. P

    SOLVED wordpress toolkit under 92.0.3 fails reading installed wordpress

    Hello I´ve upgraded to cpanel 92.0.3 in few servers without issues for now. BUt i´ve updated a cloudlinux server , and when i go to "Wordpress toolkit" from WHM and the script try to check the sites with Wordpress installed i get ALL are broken (that is nOT true), all them with the same error ...
  13. PeteS

    Wordpress Toolkit automatic update vs Softaculous automatic update

    Wordpress Toolkit automatic update defaults to minor/no/no (core/plugins/themes), and when it first is accessed in WHM it scans for all installations and attaches them. It also modifies wp-config.php WITHOUT a way (yet) to detach them en-mass (shame on you!). Typically (often) Softaculous is...
  14. M

    Completely Uninstall Wordpress Toolkit including users

    Today's cPanel update included the Wordpress Toolkit. After looking at it we decided we don't want it because it forces our users to pay for premium features to get all the benefits. So I disabled it in Features for our users. But now I see that every single account has the below...
  15. coursevector

    WordPress toolkit in maintenance mode

    We recently installed WordPress toolkit on our servers around Nov 3rd. On one of our VPS we had a complaint from a client that said the site kept showing up with a maintenance screen. After a few days of troubleshoot and looking at plugins we tracked it back to WordPress Toolkit having...
  16. V

    Caching & Wordpress

    I'll try to keep this short and clear. Sorry if I failed. ;) I can not get caching working on one of my cPanel accounts and it's domains. I have multiple domains under one account, when I do a fresh Wordpress install, by default gives this response header: cache control: private...
  17. V

    Anonymousfox and postfox mail id's found in C panel which are not created by user

    Hello team, We hosted WordPress websites on our C panels. I found below miscellaneous Webmail id's which are not created by us. I guess some hackers created and we want to know how it has been created * [email protected] * [email protected] Please help to avoid/stop...
  18. anton_latvia

    How to customize WordPress Toolkit?

    Hello, We have installed Wordpress toolkit and are testing it right now. First thing, that we spotted (we are on free version for now) - when we hit premium feature - there is a link to shop, that leads to cPanel store. This is displayed inside customer cPanel panel. I am sorry, this is just my...
  19. G

    stop wordpress toolkit notification emails

    I get emails like this, how can I disable them? Subject: <[email protected]> sleep $((1 + RANDOM % 5))h $((1 + RANDOM % 60))m; /usr/bin/yum -y update wp-toolkit-cpanel Body: Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, universal-hooks Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * EA4: *...
  20. J

    cPanel Resources spike when accessing WordPress dashboard

    Hi Experts, I have this issue in our cPanel where most of the time the resources reaching the limit when accessing the dashboard especially when multiple users are logged in. I also noticed that this process is consuming too much cpu( see screenshot). I don't know if this is normal Please...