1. L

    How to setup email in cPanel on AWS Lightsail

    Hello cPanel, Are there any comprehensive instructions on how to set up email within cPanel on an AWS Lightsail server? I plan to set up an AWS Lightsail server running cPanel. Then I plan to install WordPress. That's the easy part. I then have two main email objectives: Get WordPress to...
  2. M

    Wordpress Toolkit, executable wpt-panopticon

    Hi, I am getting excessive resource usage from this executable /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/wp-toolkit/bin/wpt-panopticon When I Google this, I find zero. Does anyone know some more about this wpt-panopticon ?? Thanks
  3. J

    Wordpress detach accidentally a website

    Hello, I accidentally disconnected a website (detach) from my Wordpress toolkit and I don't know how to add it back. The site is working fine and I don't want to install another Wordpress over what's already working. I just want it to be detected again when I run the scan. Thank you for your...
  4. I

    May I block or hide the Wordpress ads on left side of cPanel?

    To clean a domain of everything and start anew, and after deleting and reinstalling the domain, onload of cPanel login presented some ads (3) of other places to go. I again clicked so I get by the ads and into cPanel. Then once loaded after login, there are 3 options, Tools, and 2 wordpress ads...
  5. T

    Prevent “nobody” from sending mail and Wordpress messages

    I have seen Prevent “nobody” from sending mail as ON/OFF. It seems messages from WP installation are blocked due to setting ON. Can be managed WP setting and still use Prevent “nobody” from sending mail as ON? Fix "Mail sent by user nobody discarded due to sender restrictions" Found under...
  6. E

    Diasable wordpress plugin server wide + give message

    Hi Some users are installing very cpu intensive backup plugins, but we already make backups for them. So i want to disable so customers cannot install those plugins, and then give them a message that those plugins are not needed/allowed to be installed Can this be handled somehow ? People are...
  7. L

    error: Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

    I had: PHP Version 7.4.33 and WordPress 5.9.5 Updated WP 6.1.1 >>> Updated to PHP 8.0.25 Success: Successfully applied PHP version “PHP 8.0 (ea-php80)” to the selected domain. >>> PHP Version 8.0.25 >>> I have gone to the WP home Blog home page and: Your PHP installation appears to be missing...
  8. P

    Wordpress Toolkit not show installations but show plugins and themes

    This is very weird.. Is happening in one of my servers. The wordpress toolkit not show any installation of any site. I run toolkit info thru ssh to check and show the installation perfectly. In fact in the wordpress toolkit section in cpanel, not display anything, but if i go to the tabs...
  9. schoeps

    SOLVED WordPress Toolkit Repo Connection Issue?

    For some reason, I cannot download and add WordPress toolkit and the inability to connect to the repo is not allowing updates to run. Is the repo down? Change IP? Anyone else having this issue? When Installing: Error: There was a problem with the install. Refresh the page and try again...
  10. W

    Wordpress Toolkit - remove footer from maintenance mode

    Hi there When using Wordpress toolkit maintenance mode, it adds the Social icons and the " Powered by WordPress Toolkit " How do we remove these across all sites in the server config section? Is there a master config file we can 'hack' ? I see the section in WHM > WordPress Toolkit Settings...
  11. M

    Large digital file downloads ending early at 500MB

    I am refering to a wordpress thread regrading Large digital file downloads ending early at 500MB https://wordpress.org/support/topic/large-digital-file-downloads-ending-early-at-500mb/ At the end of the thread the poster says he has a solution but dosnt say where to find the relavent area in...
  12. bejbi

    php-fpm issue: Webmail or Wordpress Toolkit to choose ...

    When You install WordPress Toolkit, there is a must to enable in system php-fpm for cPanel services. But enabling php-fpm for cPanel services breaks comfortable using of webmail and phpmyadmin - it runs very, very slow and there is many connection lost. Becouse in default php-fpm for cpanel...
  13. F

    High Mysql loads always on wordpress sites (Above 200%)

    My server shows more than 200% CPU load on Mysqld ( /usr/sbin/mysqld --daemonize --pid-file=/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.pid ) Total server load in peak hours with just a 1000 users online (above 20%), after this sites are slow and unresponsive. I have hired 2 cpanel management companies to optimize...
  14. 1

    Can we edit "New WordPress Site" email sent to user?

    When the WordPress toolkit auto installs WP an email is sent to the user "New WordPress Site" with login details. It is signed I would prefer to sign the email from my business and also personalise it a bit. Is that possible?
  15. M

    Can't login via Wordpress Toolkit

    Hi @ALL, I added a new domain account and installed WordPress successfully on that domain. But I can't log into the WP Dashboard via the blue login button of Softaculous. Getting the error message: File not found. I have successfully checked with the file manager that the WP installation is...
  16. B

    Vulnerabilities found on your Server - Action Required: WordPress

    Hello, The "Vulnerabilities found on your Server - Action Required: WordPress" emails have been somewhat useful, but one annoying thing is they include suspended WHM accounts - is there any way to configure the scan to ignore suspended accounts (because an outdated WP installation in a...
  17. B

    Imunify360 - Vulnerabilities found on your Server - Action Required: WordPress

    Hi all, I've received the below email notfication that Imunify360 found vulnerabilities on multiple wordpress sites, however doesn't give any detail into what the vulnerabilitiy actually is. Appreciate any assistance. Thanks
  18. K

    Redirect in cpanel with several wordpress sites

    Hi, I have four wordpress on one domain name. I'm moving one to another domain name. Example...
  19. J

    WordPress toolkit get install ID

    Does anyone know (the documentation is none-existent) if it's possible to get a WPT installation ID from the domain of the installation? Also, can you access WP Toolkit through the cPanel/WHM API?
  20. Tarak Nath

    Possibilities to disable WordPress FileManager and phpMyAdmin plugins

    Hello, Due to security reason we want as following: Is it possible to disable/stop certain WordPress plugins from being installed such as WP-FileManager and WP-phpMyAdmin at the server level for a specific account or all accounts. Sample WordPress File Manger plugin: File Manager Sample...