1. J

    Where to install Wordpress

    Hi' Just one last quick question. I want to install Wordpress as a stand alone blog with the domain name of cashblog-n.com. In cPanel when I click on File Manager the box comes up giving me the options of all the domains I have there by themselves(cashblog-n.com) or with my main...
  2. S

    Need Help! Newbie RE: Wordpress

    I have sent numerous support tickets for this problem. I can't seem to find the fatastico icon to install wordpress for blogging. Does anyone know what icon it is under or is their another way to get it on my website? Thanks. superbloggingsite.com
  3. J

    cpaddons - wordpress - add www.?

    is there a way to add www. to the wordpress install url? it's not in the dropdown box of choices. our client would like their blog to be at www.domain.com/blog and not domain.com/blog. ideas?
  4. J

    wordpress upgrade goes blank?

    We have a few 2.6.2 installs that we are trying to upgrade to 2.6.3 and when the cPanel user clicks on upgrade nothing happens. No verification test, nothing. All that is out put to the screen is: "cPAddon cPanel::Blogs::WordPress This is a cPanel packaged module. (v0.3) Website...
  5. T

    Database error while trying to install wordpress on windows

    I am installing wordpress 6.2.1 in my domain. I have PHP version 4.4.4 and MySQL version 4.1.21. I am trying to install it in Windows server 2003. When I run install.php file, I am getting below error message: “WordPress database error Table 'wordpress.wp_options' doesn't exist for query...
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    slow wordpress.......

    Ever since upgrading to the newest version 2.5.x the wordpress has been SLOW.. (at least 1-2 minutes to load).. Host has php 4 and 5 running.. I tried this from a search in my htaccess This made the pages load instantly.. BUT any links or things you click on bring up the open with...
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    Upgrading Wordpress

    On my webhost manager, I have wordpress enabled as a CPAddon. In the cPAddon Scripts Installer/Updater list, it says that the site is running 2.5.1. However, when I log out and then re log-in with a regular site account and click to install Wordpress, version 2.2.2 gets installed. How do i fix...
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    adsense on wordpress!

    Is any script/help to transfer my adesense ads on to my wordpress blog? Or any other new ideas?
  9. X

    problem with fantastico and wordpress

    I couldn't update wordpress automatically on one of my three blogs (all installed via fantastico), so I decided to un- and reinstall it. However, I couldn't uninstall it automatically since a file was missing, so it told me to remove it manually and gave me a list of files to remove. I did as...
  10. R

    cpanel - Fantastico WordPress Upgrade

    Hello, I am hoping that someone in charge at cpanel reads this forum. Is it possible for cpanel/fantastico to rollback the version of WordPress it is installing? I don't know if you have been reading the forums over at wordpress.org, but the new version is NOT working for anyone. It is...
  11. A

    Wordpress MU and httpd.conf

    Hi im trying to install Worpress MU in a domain hosted by WHM/CPanel. I have to add a few lines in httpd.conf ex. AllowOverride FileInfo Options (in <<Directory>) ServerAlias *.domain.tld (in <VirtualHost>) Is there any way to have a separate http.conf for my domain (plesk have this...
  12. G

    Installing WordPress

    I was trying to install WordPress via Fantastico into the root directory of my site (by leaving the field blank) and I got the following message: The installation can not be completed: - You cannot install more than one script in the root directory of a domain. I'm not sure what that...
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    Bug in Mysql 5.0.51a-community? (Wordpress: posts in reverse order)

    Hello Today we receive a customer case related with wordpress and Mysql version 5.0.51a-community. Under Wordpress posts are suddenly appearing in reverse order, these bug was described to be Mysql related as shown in these bug: http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=32202 wordpress post...
  14. I

    Fantastico: Installing Wordpress ERROR!

    I keep on trying to install Wordpress on my domain but still this ERROR keeps on freakin appear. (I am using Fantastico) Please visit lachrymosa.uni.cc (my domain) PLEASE HELP people. Hit me back in my tagboard @ http://ikhayte.kikayfairy.net (this is not my domain)
  15. Z

    Wordpress installs showing blank page

    This is on one of my WHM cPanel servers only. Existing installs of Wordpress and new installs of Wordpress show blank pages only. Example: If you go to mydomain.com, which is a Wordpress install all you see is a blank page. If you try to access wpadmin you also get a blank page. Any...
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    How to create a new account with wordpress on it ?

    Hello, A reseller customer wants to install for students an account with a default installation of Wordpress ? Any idea on how to do that ? Thanks a lot, Francois
  17. D

    WordPress 2.0.5 (Ronan) is now available

    A new version of WordPress 2.0.5 (Ronan) is now available and should be added to Fantastico, which is offering the earlier version.
  18. K

    Wordpress and user7.phpinclude.ru

    Hi all, I have 2 users with wordpress blogs on 2 separate servers, and they both receive the same error in their page : == Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: Permission denied in Unknown on line 0 Warning: Unknown: Failed opening '/usr/home/phpinc/web/index.php' for inclusion...
  19. J

    subdomains not allowing fantastico wordpress to install right

    I have a strange problem where any subdomains on my server where you try to install WordPress via Fantastico I get this message: Install WordPress (2/3) The installation can not be completed: - You need to upgrade to at least EDGE 10.4.0-103 in order to install. Click on the...