1. S

    Snuffleupagus and WordPress

    WordPress: 5.9.2 Plugins Installed: None PHP version: EA-74 (php74-php-snuffleupagus - Installed) We have noticed this week that a clean install of WordPress with no other plugins throws the error below when the Site Health link is clicked from the Dashboard. After some testing of the same...
  2. K

    WordPress Toolkit found site vulnerabilities

    Howdy, WordPress Toolkit sent me a notification this morning. I have already contacted the plugin author. The plugin in question was updated 2 weeks ago, and I'm running the current version of both WP and the plugin. The notification listed the name of the plugin and the version number. My...
  3. N

    SOLVED wordpress --operation permitted

    Hello! I have a problem, and I hope you can help me. I have more accounts on my whm server and one of my costumer can't update his wp page. [23-Feb-2022 04:07:43 UTC] PHP Warning: chmod(): Operation not permitted in .../public_html/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-direct.php on line 173...
  4. UHLHosting

    Nginx Cache Manager - WooCommerce Cache Rules

    Hi, So we were glad to see Nginx Cache Manager working with Apache! We have 1 production website where the customer already informed us about issues with their products not being visible in the cart after they were added to cart. We do not use other caching plugins that can interact with such...
  5. G

    Wordpress update hung up from all morning

    My server started throwing errors about a high server load and services failing all morning today. the server load went up over 30! The only thing I can find in any of the logs is in /var/log/secure, where I have an error related to Wordpress over and over. The site isn't letting me post the...
  6. U

    WordPress Toolkit Security Measures

    Hi - I've had a few instances in which clients have other apps installed in subdirectories in public_html and, after applying security measures, those are no longer accessible. a 404 error is returned. In two cases, the last security measure to be applied is, "Restrict access to files and...
  7. schoeps

    Nginx blocking WordPress admin bars again :(

    Anyone have a quick workaround or do I need to just flick it off on an account level basis? When will we get a URL API to clear the cache?
  8. angelleye

    SOLVED Is there a way to add an existing site into the WordPress Toolkit?

    I have websites on the server that were not installed using the WordPress Toolkit. I would like to add them to the Toolkit so that I can manage them as if they were installed with it. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! EDIT: I saw the Scan button, but I was...
  9. J

    New installation using Wordpress Tool Kit fails

    We are installing a new instance of Wordpress for a customer using the Tool Kit. The public_html was empty when starting. We get these errors (identifying info munged): WordPress was installed with errors: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function PHPMailer\PHPMailer\mail() in...
  10. D

    WordPress Toolkit fails to uninstall plugin when proc_open, proc_close are disabled in PHP config

    It looks like WordPress Toolkit has several severe bugs. You can't install WordPress on PHP 8.x with mail disabled via disabled_functions in PHP. It also can't uninstall WordPress plugins when you have proc_open disabled via disabled_functions in PHP. While uninstalling a plugin: WordPress...
  11. H

    WordPress Toolkit Failed to update selected items. Decrypting an empty string is prohibited.

    Attempting to update any WP Site from the toolkit show this error: Failed to update selected items. Decrypting an empty string is prohibited. and the install fails. This error occurs when trying to update the WordPress version, however, many plugin updates are working through this feature...
  12. P

    Wordpress toolkit php mailer error

    Hi, I have WHM with disabled php mail() function because security reason, but looks like that make problem in WP installation with Wordpress toolkit. When I run installation process of new WP installation, I get error: WordPress was installed with errors: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to...
  13. G

    Wordpress Toolkit anyway to access all screenshots?

    Is there anyway to access the screenshots Wordpress Toolkit creates? I'd like to use them with the API to create a dashboard.
  14. W

    Can't access wordpress login page

    Hi all! Apologies if this isn't the right thread, but has anyone encountered this issue? We're unable to access the wordpress login page for out account. It keeps redirecting to the main website. Any clue as why this is happening? Appreciate the help guys.
  15. J

    cPanel can't update Wordpress

    Wordpress ver: 4.6.1 Root access? Yes URL: jasoncollege24.com, installed at blog.jasoncollege24.com Notes: * Wordpress was not installed by cpanel originally. I installed it. * server had a OS upgrade earlier this year, which included a backup, and restore of my cpanel user * The Site Software...
  16. D

    How does WordPress ToolKit keep track of debug settings?

    I think I know the answer to this one but I just want to double-check... When you tweak debugging settings via WordPress ToolKit it writes rules to the wp-config.php file. But, if you then manually change (or delete) rules by editing wp-config.php directly ToolKit doesn't notice the settings...
  17. D

    WordPress ToolKit update settings descriptions

    When you use Wordpress Toolkit to install WordPress there are three options for automatic updates (no automatic updates, only minor updates and all updates). All three options have the same description: "For example, neither 4.7.1 nor 4.8 will be automatically updated." Also, just to check, am...
  18. J

    Pros/Cons of Installing Wordpress Within Cpanel?

    I could swear a long time ago, there was a disadvantage to using the Site Software utility within CPanel/WHM to install Wordpress but I can't remember what it was. I've not had to install an instance of Worpress in over 3 years. Can anyone refresh my memory on any potential...
  19. D

    Wordpress Toolkit Command Line Interface

    From the docs I'm seeing an option for wp-toolkit to be used on the command line. WordPress Toolkit Command Line Interface | cPanel & WHM Documentation When I try running the wp-toolkit command from the shell I get nothing. Any ideas what the issue is? Would like to take advantage of disabling...
  20. S

    Wordpress Toolkit Redirect to HTTPS turned off

    Wordpress Toolkit always displays 1 issue - Redirect to HTTPS turned off I have enabled Force HTTPS Redirect but I can't seem to get this to go away.