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    Question about Apache and mod_wsgi (python3)

    Hello, i'm currently trying to host a DJango application on the server, it works pretty well on a Debian VM if i manually compile mod_wsgi against python 3, however, Centos doesn't have a Python 3 installed (not without activating a specific environment context called SCL), so i ended compiling...
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    Install mod_wsgi?

    I've googled extensively and seen that in essence, installing Django with cpanel is not possible, unless you use Cloundlinux or are a linux engineer, neither of which apply to me. So in my last effort/attempt before cancelling my VPS service with my provider, I'd like to ask, is there any...
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    Python, Django and WSGI Support

    Hi I have a Centos 6.4 server running WHM/cPanel. Wanted to know the best setup would be in order to support and offer python (including all their frameworks such as Django) support ? I have mod_wsgi installed by following this...