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    yum cannot locate glibc package

    Hi, We cannot update apache/php due to the following error: Your operating system's rpm update method (yum) was not able to locate the glibc package. This is an indication of an improper setup. You must correct this error before you can proceed. If we check on yum via ssh...
  2. C

    yum can't find glibc

    I am tryining to run easyapache and i am getting this error
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    Yum.. excluding exclude... ?

    Hi, I made my own version of mySQL on some of my servers, everything works fine, until... upcp starts and automatically downgrade my SQL to their own version. I put mysql*, mysql-devel* phrases to yum.conf exclude section but it seems to be "nothing" to UPCP: This is the MySQL 4.0.25...
  4. J

    CentOS & Yum

    One server has CentOS kernel 2.4.21-27.0.2.ELsmp Any idea why yum is not taking it to 2.4.21-32.0.1.ELsmp
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    yum for Fedora core1

    I have my server running Fedora Core 1, and some days ago the mirror doesn't function, so I need to update my yum.conf. Is there anybody using a yum.conf for fedora FC1? If so, please will you put here a good mirror url? Thanks
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    yum update problem

    Dependencies Resolved ============================================================================= Package Arch Version Repository Size ============================================================================= Updating: setup...
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    Problem with Yum on FC2

    Hello, I'm having a problem with yum where everytime I try to install something using yum I get the following error message: I did try to reinstall yum using the rpm at Fedora site but I'm still geting the same message. I have also install Python v2.4.2 on my server. Do you think the...
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    Yum Error

    Can any one help with this, im trying to update all rpms via Yum upgrade but it gives the following missing dependancies Im not too familiar with the shell so any fixes can you please explain in a bit of detail Thank You
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    question about yum

    hello - I'm on Fedora FC2, and I had the 'empty rpm list' problem. I asked the tech at my isp to install YUM, which he did. However, he said that he wasn't sure which mirrors to put in the config. Now I am searching for other rpms which everyone seems to have on their list, but I don't...
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    Cpanel update / up2date and yum problem

    Im not sure whats happened here however when i run cpanel update i get the following log: Updated: openssh-server 3.6.1p2-33.30.4.i386 bind-devel 20:9.2.4-7_EL3.i386 openssl-devel 0.9.7a-33.15.i386 gcc 3.2.3-52.i386 bind 20:9.2.4-7_EL3.i386 XFree86-devel 4.3.0-81.EL.i386 openssh-clients...
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    FC4 Release causing YUM install problem?

    We deployed a new Cpanel server the day after FC4 was released (we use base FC2 installs). I edited my yum.conf file to match my existing Cpanel server: baseurl=ftp://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/$releasever/$basearch/os/ And when Yum executes I get: retrygrab()...
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    Yum Kernel Upgrades

    Hello all, During nightly updates, if Yum upgrades the kernel, does the server require a reboot to invoke the new modules or are they dynamically loaded? uname -a does not report the latest package?
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    Yum- Conflicts CENTOS. Please help

    Hi, I am using the following on my linux system: WHM 10.1.0 cPanel 10.2.0-S83 CentOS 4.0 i686 I am having really annoying YUM problems. I have been running Centos for sometime now after upgrading from Red Hat 9, everything on my server seems to work well, but i would like to be able to...
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    RHEL with Yum

    Hello, One of my server is running RHEL WS release 3 (Taroon Update 1). I know it's quite old and I can't use up2date to upgrade the box. Not supported by the provider. What I wanted to know is, can I use Yum to update my RHEL? Can someone provide me details if possible.. Also, is it...
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    Yum - ImageMagick-perl Error

    When I run yum update I get this error: How can I fix that?
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    Yum update log

    Well just a question, yum write actions in /var/log/yum.log, does it? I notice that there isn't any update since october/2004, is this normal? I have a Fedora Core 1 (2.4.25). Thanks
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    FC2 Kernel / Yum / Grub confusion

    I'm somewhat confused as to which is the most recent FC2 kernel on my server and I was hoping that someone could clarify things so as to eleviate my confusion. Let me explain what I did that ended up with me getting confused. Still in the process of learning a fair amount about *nix servers...
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    RH9, Yum and Cpanel

    is it safe to run yum after cpanel is installed? I just added dag's repository, and there seem to be quite a few updates, should i not update? these are the updates: <snip> I will do the following: [update: lftp 3.0.12-1.0.rh9.rf.i386] [update: splint 3.1.1-1.0.rh9.dag.i386]...
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    yum help

    I am using yum to upgrade from RH9 to Fedora Core 1 (then to Core 2). It all works fine until it gets to "Resolving dependencies" and it stays there for a long time then eventually times out! Whats going on? :confused:
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    Yum exclude list and Perl

    Soiuld I include "perl*" or just "perl" to my yum exclude list?