1 parked subdomain maps but the other doesn't


Jan 22, 2008
I have a question about subdomain mapping. (I think that's what its called) I have it working for one subdomain but not another that is set up the same

I own 2 domains
masterdigger.com - hosted one place
master-digger.com - hosted at another place

where masterdigger.com is hosted they have setup
forum.masterdigger.com CNAME IN forum.master-digger.com
blog.masterdigger.com CNAME IN blog.master-digger.com

where master-digger.com is hosted I have a reseller account
I have gone to WHM and set up the following accounts.

Note that the subdomains are created in WHM and not Cpanel because I want a separate account for each

subdomain to avoid having a messy subdirectories in the master-digger.com account.

I then went to WHM (not CPanel) and parked each subdomain.
For example;
Domain to park on top of = forum.master-digger.com
Domain to Park= forum.masterdigger.com

Domain to park on top of = blog.master-digger.com
Domain to park = blog.masterdigger.com

forum.masterdigger.com works perfect and the URL in the browser shows forum.masterdigger.com even

though I am actually using my forum.master-digger.com hosting.

however blog.masterdigger.com does not work correctly. As soon as I go to blog.masterdigger.com the

URL changes to blog.master-digger.com with the dash in it.

I've set these 2 up identically and haven't screwed around with the DNS settings in CPANEL or WHM.

nslookup also gives a similar response for both subdomains indicating that they should be mapped in a similar fashion

Any ideas why they behave differently and how I can get the blog.masterdigger.com working similarly to forum.masterdigger.com?

nslookup masterdigger.com
Server: vnsc-pri.sys.gtei.net
Non-authoritative answer:
Name: masterdigger.com

nslookup forum.masterdigger.com
Server: vnsc-pri.sys.gtei.net
Non-authoritative answer:
Name: forum.master-digger.com
Aliases: forum.masterdigger.com

nslookup blog.masterdigger.com
Server: vnsc-pri.sys.gtei.net
Non-authoritative answer:
Name: blog.master-digger.com
Aliases: blog.masterdigger.com