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Sep 20, 2012
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When I installed the 102 edge version for testing, I saw that the whm theme changed and I didn't like it at all.

Will we be able to use the old whm theme in version 102?


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Sep 25, 2012
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Is the left hand menu completely gone in the re-work? I can appreciate the move to a responsive design, however, not everyone administrates on a mobile device.

It would be nice for the home screen to support widgets so that I could drag/drop the functions I need most, which would then make losing the left hand menu more palatable.
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Handssler Lopez

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Apr 30, 2019
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Really seeing the new theme of WHM v102 I consider it to be a setback in terms of productivity and usability, I am sure that many of us use the left search bar, also personally I have always felt more comfortable with the theme (paper lantern) by default than " glass theme" which is very annoying to look at in cPanel.

It would be nice, as mentioned above, to be able to choose which theme that would be enough (of course, while some aspects of the new theme are improved)
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Nov 4, 2006
You have made WHM unusable!! The people making design decisions clearly don't use WHM or cPanel. Please bring back the search function on the left side menu to work as it did previously.
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Aug 9, 2012
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It's different. Not horrid, but different. I'll definitely state that much.

But, instead of just leaving it there - some thoughts and observations.

After all, how can it improve if we all just say "THIS SUX!!! DESIGNER IS SMOKING CRACK - WILL NOT USE! ARGHH!" (spaghetti flies everywhere) :eek:

1.) Upon the theme/template being installed after the update the first run/install screen (w/ the T&C's) wouldn't load in FireFox. Just a blank screen. However, would load in Brave, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi and (cringe) Edge. Did not test mobile versions. This was tested in Win10, Win11, and Fedora34 environments.

2.) By default, I think the sub-menu on the left should appear on first load. AND REMAIN. As it did before. It now only appears after making a selection in the main menu. Previously I used to like to "hyper-scroll" to the bottom of the sub-menu, for say, the plugins.

3.) Kudos to the team for listening, regarding the previous concerns by others regarding the plugins section.

4.) Thankful that it isn't straight Jupiter/glass like was probably planned previously. I appreciate the little in-line images/icons. That said, I think the same should be used on the left hand menu.

5.) Totally agree with @bellwood that a GIANT move forward would be to allow "widgets" to customize the main screen. This would allow placement of our most used sections at first load. I think this would actually work as "virtual valium" for those that are currently absolutely losing it over the new design. (I'm not poking fun at those that are, it just is counter-productive IMO).

Those are just the things that immediately jump out at me.
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