SOLVED 106.0.9 to 106.0.13 trying to change my server's OS to AlmaLinux 8?!

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CentOS 7.9
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Benjamin D.

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Jan 28, 2016
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I casually just upgraded from 106.0.9 to 106.0.13 and I received an email from my cPanel server stating the following. I would like to know why a minor version update was trying or even considered changing my server's operating system to something I've never even heard of before like it was no big deal? What is AlmaLinux 8 and how can I prevent cPanel from messing up my server? This is driving me insane. I've never even been warned about this major change and I do not agree to replace CentOS until 100% of the web apps on that server are FULLY tested with it and I don't have time to do that right now. Why is cPanel forcing me and my customer base to use different software than what's already installed and working well? This is extremely stressful. I do not want my cPanel server to change my server's OS.

The system detected the following issues which would prevent cPanel ELevate from upgrading the system to AlmaLinux 8:
  • You are using MySQL 5.7 server. This version is not available for AlmaLinux 8. You first need to update your MySQL server to 8.0 or later. You can update to version 8.0 using the following command: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/whmapi1 start_background_mysql_upgrade version=8.0 Once the MySQL upgrade is finished, you can then retry to elevate to AlmaLinux 8.
  • One or more enabled YUM repo are currently unsupported. You should disable these repositories and remove packages installed from them before continuing the update. Consider reporting this limitation to Issues · cpanel/elevate
  • System is not up to date
  • Your machine has multiple network interface cards (NICs) using kernel-names (ethX). Since the upgrade process cannot guarantee their stability after upgrade, you cannot upgrade. Please provide those interfaces new names before continuing the update.