11.25 symlinking /var/cpanel/bandwidth question


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Jul 21, 2004
We are getting ready for the stable release of 11.25 and I have a question regarding symlinking /var/cpanel/bandwidth.

We want to move the files to the largest partition on the servers which would be the home partition. It appears that root owns the actual files and that the group is set to the cPanel/system username. Since the partitions aren't mounted 'grpquota' the group ownership should (in theory) not have an effect on the disk quotas.

Before we do this can someone from cPanel confirm that symlinking these files to the home partition, will doing this affect the client quota's on the servers?

Thanks in advance.

cPanel article.
cPanel 11.25 Tech Bulletin: updated bandwidth tracking requirements - cPanel Inc.


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Nov 5, 2008
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While this is not a guarantee, in my professional opinion I do not expect that user disk quotas would be affected by relocating the cPanel bandwidth directory in the given scenario.
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