11.34 EOL - 6 Month Advance Notice


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May 20, 2003
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cPanel & WHM 11.34 reaches End Of Life October 15, 2013. There are only 6 months left in the life cycle.

As outlined on the Schedule for Long-Term Support Releases of cPanel & WHM, cPanel & WHM software release 11.34 will continue functioning on servers after reaching end of life. No further updates, including security fixes, or installations will be provided for 11.34 after the end of life date.

All customers currently using cPanel & WHM software release 11.34 are advised to begin planning the upgrade to cPanel & WHM software release 11.36 (EOL Date: March 2014). If you desire assistance with your migration plans, please contact our technical support team at https://tickets.cpanel.net/submit/. Our professional staff will help with recommendations, migration assistance and more.

For more details on the cPanel Release Process, please visit our Release Site:
cPanel & WHM Versions and the Release Process


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Apr 23, 2012
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I use 11.32 - so I know that I will need to migrate to 11.36 soon beacuse your st***d life time policy - yes, this is st***d for me because all upgrade to never version makes me 1-2 days without sleep - I need to fix plenty of problems on the servers. Your suppport team is helpful, but many times they do not know what to advice. I don't need someone will force upgrade on my servers, and then restore all configurations to default because "cpanel does not support custom modifications".... yeah, no custom modifications = more spam, more hacks etc etc.

Please tell me what problems I will have upgrading from 11.32 to 11.36?


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Apr 27, 2006
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Out of interest, it might be instructional to know what modifications you're making that are broken by updates. Suppressing spam and avoiding hacks are common use cases, so if the modifications make sense it'd be worthwhile having feature requests that reflect them so they can be eventually incorporated (or at least not stamped all over ;) ) by the product