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May 20, 2003
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cPanel Inc., announces the release of cPanel & WHM 11.36 to the STABLE tier.

Included in this brand new release are further improvements to the update system, building on work started with cPanel & WHM 11.30. A new staging step during installation allows a variety of checks to occur prior to changing the cPanel & WHM installation. This makes both new installation, and upgrades, more reliable.

cPanel & WHM 11.36 also brings an entirely new system for managing applications, based upon the tried-and-true RPM packaging format. By distributing applications via RPM we are able to reduce cPanel & WHM installation time by 30%, on average. The new system also provides integrators and system deployers a simplified means of distributing applications with cPanel & WHM.

We are happy to announce that cPanel & WHM 11.36 brings a modern version of perl with it. Perl 5.14 is available with all versions of 11.36 and newer. This change brings an end to the older perl 5.8.8 distributed with prior versions of cPanel & WHM.

Also in cPanel & WHM 11.36 is support for Apache 2.4, provided via EasyApache. Apache 2.4 brings many new features and performance benefits to your web hosting platform.

Other features also available in version 11.36:

The email auto discovery support for Thunderbird and Outlook has been updated and re-introduced with improved compatibility for existing setups.

The ability to track mail sent by web applications is improved through new functions that integrate with Apache and PHP.

cPanel thanks the members of our EDGE-Users community for their feedback and testing of the development releases. If you would like to join the EDGE-Users list please visit this page: Mailing Lists | cPanel, Inc..

Please note, after upgrading to the new release, a downgrade to an older version will not be permitted.

cPanel & WHM 11.36 - Built For Speed: cPanel Releases | cPanel, Inc.