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Aug 4, 2010
A BIG hello and thank goodness for this forum...:D
Ok my question may be kinda elementary for some but bare with me I am learning..

I have two scenarios (similar I need help with).
I design web sites and have a group of clients along with several of my own sites.
I have recently purchased space on a VPS to gain control over the multiple hosts I am working with through my clients.

My cPanel
cPanel 11.25.0-R46156
WHM 11.25.0 - X 3.9
CENTOS 5.5 i686 virtuozzo

Ok I have had the host support help me add my first account (myself) and they will prolly help add more but I hate that and want to understand fully.

I have two account types: (Personal / Clients)

For my personal accounts:
1) For me I choose to have all my email run through the domain registrar (Godaddy) and although they (my host support) fixed it for me it was not so easy for them it seemed and they are not able to convey exactly what they did..

choosing the right account setting so the i can direct my domain nameservers correctly in my domain manager (Godaddy)

Setting up the account with separate cPanel and choosing the right account setting so the I can direct their domain nameservers correctly in their domain manager (whoever it may be)

I apologize for being so new but once i get this down I will feel safer and I totaly hate relying on my host support for something i should be learning...

Hope that all made sense....



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May 20, 2003
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To be clear, you've got the server setup correctly and the nameservers on that server are working as expected, correct? I'll assume yes.

Once the server is setup, (and secured!) your next stop is to add packages for your accounts. All accounts need a package.

For you, I would suggest a reseller account package be created.

For your clients you can setup multiple packages anyway you see fit.

So let's skip ahead and assume you've got the nameservers working, the first account you've added is yours and you've added your nameservers (that are setup already on your server) at your domain name registrar to that domain and the domain is pointed to your server properly.

That takes care of you, this account should be up and running.

Now you've setup your account and package to be a reseller and gave him proper permissions to access WHM and create accounts, (suggested) the next step would be to start setting up those clients accounts. You can supply the nameservers to your client at this point and he can add those to the domain at the registrar.

Next, login to WHM as the reseller and create the new account. (The basic idea here is to not use that root account if you don't have to)

Now you want to setup a clients account, domain.com. You'll "Create a New Account" in WHM under the Account Functions section of the menu on left.

Add the details, select the clients package you created earlier and click create.

Next, you should see output of the details of that account created. I like to copy and save this to a txt file personally before moving on from this page.

At this point you have the server setup, a reseller setup with permissions to manage other accounts under him, and you logged in as him and created your first account for a client.

That's it. If he (the client) has edited his nameservers at the domain name registrar, and you've created his account on your server, the next step is to await domain name propagation. These days this happens pretty fast, but to be safe you should assume 24 hours at least.

This is a very very basic outline of course, but hopefully should be enough to help you to get going in the right direction.

I apologize for being so new but once i get this down I will feel safer and I totaly hate relying on my host support for something i should be learning...
Picking the brain of your host to get going is not such a bad thing. They key there is to ask how to do something, don't ask him to do it for you. Since he has control over your server, he can help when trouble comes up much more than someone like me on a forum somewhere. ;)

Hope that helps somehow.