2 hard drives, option to host sites on one or another during creation of account


Apr 11, 2010
I know, this was discussed over and over, but not how I want it.

First, I will explain.

After cpanel install I added one more hdd, mounted it as home2 using whm interface. From that point on, all my sites got moved there - it is normal, from what I understand because whm software usually chooses the hdd with the most available space and this is why the sites got moved, or I suppose the whm software created some symbolic link for the old site initially located in /home and only new sites are actually located in the new hdd.

That's allright, I suppose , but I have one small problem - the second hdd mounted under /home2 is also a scsi hdd, but the /home partition was mounted on 2 scsi hdd connected in Raid1, so a little bit faster and also better to use to prevent data loss, in case one drive fails as opposite to /home2, which is only 1 hdd, so if that one fails, then I have to use the restore backups option from whm, but it means downtime.
/home and /home2 have approximately the same size as partitions.

So my question : is it possible during a site account creation to choose where it will be located - /home or /home2 . If this is possible, then I would host the static sites, which change the data on them less, on the /home2 , while /home would be used for dynamic sites, where hosted data frequently changes (forums, shops, etc).

I must mention that for backup I use another separate hdd apart from the ones which host the os, /home and /home2