2 hardisks with RAID 1 : only One shown in WHM


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Nov 13, 2003
I have 2 hardisks with Raid but only one is showing up in WHM

is there a way to know if the other hardisk is actuaaly there and working and what is doing ?

thanks in advance.



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Aug 10, 2002
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RAID1 just does mirroring. That is, you have two hard drives, every piece of data that you send to or that gets written to the server goes to both hard drives. This way, in the event that one hard drive fails, the other hard drive is still there with all of your data.

As far as the server is concerned, it will only "see" one hard drive because there is no way to write data to one hard drive and not the other.

You will need to install RAID monitoring for whatever RAID controller you are using to monitor the health of both drives. Contact your datacenter for more information about this.

(This is assuming hardware RAID is being used)


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Jun 9, 2008
You can search various sites for Linux commands that will let you see the drives in your machine, RAID status, etc. Sorry, I'm still new to Linux and don't know those commands off the top of my head or I would share them. But I've used them to verify RAID status and to make sure that my datacenter actually installed the add-on drives they said they did. ;-)