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Aug 29, 2004
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Ok, i have set up teamspeak for a customer on a dedicated ip and have 2 questions im curious about :

1.) How can i get the ts server to start on a server reboot?

the command to actually start the server is :

/home/*******/tss_rc2/teamspeak2-server_startscript start

The first way that springs to mind is to have the above line ran every 5 minutes via a cron job, that way if the server is already running then it does nothing but if its not then it starts.

Is this the best and easiest way? if so how would i do this?

2.) How can i get more than one teamspeak running on a server? ive tried this before but all i got when starting the 2nd one is that its already running (trying to share the same port if i remember rightly)

Thanks for any help or advice you can give.

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Apr 4, 2003
1) add
/home/*******/tss_rc2/teamspeak2-server_startscript start
to the /etc/rc.local file.

2) I'd imagine there's a config file in TS that will let you change the port it operates on.


Jun 5, 2005
If I remember correctly, TeamSpeak has a pid file that must be cleared before it will restart. I believe I found a script somewhere that checked for the pid, cleared it, then restarted the server.

By calling that script from etc/rc.local, I was able to get it to restart on server reboot. Do a google for TeamSpeak Restart Script Linux. You'll probably find it.