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3 major problems

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Secret Agent, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. Secret Agent

    Secret Agent Guest

    1. SSL on all domains with ssl cerificates are not working
    2. Addons / subdomains missing from cpanel

    /var/cpanel/users/username all look good and all have dns zones, however I have been manually adding back the virtual hosts in httpd.conf after cpanel screwed up the apache upgrade

    I ran several scripts including


    I confirmed port 443 is open in APF (regarding ssl portion)
  2. Secret Agent

    Secret Agent Guest

    Someone please help me out :(

    Data center submitted a ticket THREE DAYS AGO and cpanel techs have done nothing at all.
  3. Secret Agent

    Secret Agent Guest

    Anyone have grace this evening?

    Waiting on 4 days going now from cpanel techs through the data center. They are being ignorant for some reason don't know why.

    I would hope someone can be kind enough to help out.
  4. forlinuxsupport

    forlinuxsupport Well-Known Member PartnerNOC

    Dec 22, 2004
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    Root Administrator

    or /scripts/upcp --force

    see if that fixes it

    Usually cpanel re-act pretty quick, the same day.
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  5. Secret Agent

    Secret Agent Guest

    Usually? FOUR DAYS NOW and the cpanel techs have done nothing. The data center notified them via a second open ticket and STILL did not respond.

  6. Secret Agent

    Secret Agent Guest

    Going on five days now.

    No tech has responded nor resolved their dirty bugs.

    What a wonderful company!
  7. Secret Agent

    Secret Agent Guest

    For your information to all those who properly follow support ticket procedures.

    Ticket was submitted accordingly via data center as cpanel's policy states should be done
    Ticket is 6 days old. Every possible detail was provided valid and confirmed by data center themselves prior to submitting ticket and even after.

    Within 6 days so far and no resolution this is the only two responses given when the detail were ALREADY PROVIDED


    Can you please also provide login details for the email accounts affected so I can test these firsthand? (Unless it works in a test account in which case I can create a test account instead)
    Nick Nelson
    Level II Technical Support


    I need you to open a new ticket for each issue. Only one ticket per issue please. As you are not providing enough detail, I'll need the other 4 tickets to have seperate tickets (our techs are able to tell when someone else is logged into the server).
    Nick Nelson
    Level II Technical Support

    Data center response:

    It's been too long and the customer has already asked me to work with them on a fresh install and restore from backup.

    CPanel is obviously completely hosed and even if I opened 5 separate tickets, I do not see how I can be any more clear.

    * Boxtrapper does not function properly. I clearly noted that the customer stated you can create a test account and the issue should be reproducible.

    * Domains/subdomains/addon domains are missing from cpanel and httpd.conf file. I outlined several examples.

    * Reseller accounts are missing from WHM. I believe the customer has fixed the majority of this issue by manually reconfiguring the majority of these.

    * SSL not working. I provided a sample domain for you to test.

    I personally don’t see the complication.

    You can work on the Boxtrapper in this ticket, I'll open tickets for the other issues and lets see if you guys can clean this up before 10:00PM central before we reload the server!

    ** Data Center noted to to me:

    I just got a note back from cpanel once again requesting the we submit server tickets instead of one, this is after they stated we could keep them in a single ticket of course. here is their email **


    As requested, I also need a login/password for a boxtrapper account not working. If you need to create a test account, please do so (as long as the issue is still reproducable.)
    Nick Nelson
    Level II Technical Support

    This information was provided originally in the ticket and apparently this tech has no idea what the hell is happening or paying any bit of attention. What a shame. He was told several times the login details and even to create a test account if he wanted to (which in no way would hinder the ability to trace the problem not to mention the login was provided regardless)

    Welcome to the wonderful world of misery.

    Let's see how respectful the responses are from cpanel via this forum will be after this is viewed. I know for sure I am not the only one with such pathetic experience with them. The data centers I've dealt with all hate dealing with cpanel techs including

    Server Matrix

    I have experience for a long time with each and each time their techs (data centers) tell me of their miserable experience dealing with cpanel techs not to mention the business threatening bugs if I may add.

    So where is the proper support for the licenses we pay per server per month? Is this acceptable? Now I have to do a complete OS reload after wasting 6 days, many complaints, $100 on 3rd party techs to resolve one issue of 4 originally caused by cpanel's panel of bugfest. My clients will face about 2 hours downtime during the reload/restore and cpanel tech has nothing but a show of lack of knowledge beyond comprehension.

    We'll see how humble the responses are to this thread now. As you can see, not a bad day - but bad week.
  8. chirpy

    chirpy Well-Known Member Verifed Vendor

    Jun 15, 2002
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    Go on, have a guess
    Sorry, but this forum is not the place to launder dirty washing and there's I would doubt there'd be any official response, since these are not official support forums or communication routes to cPanel.
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    #8 chirpy, Jan 28, 2006
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2006
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