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3 nameds running on FreeBSD

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by beddo, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. beddo

    beddo Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2007
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    Well I've known my logfiles have been indicating that named is trying to run twice on startup, but I just kind of ignored that as one errored out.

    Turns out that its not quite so simple.

    OS is FreeBSD 7.2-STABLE #1: Sat Jan 23 15:36:49 GMT 201
    WHM: cPanel 11.25.0-S44718 - WHM 11.25.0 - X 3.9

    ted# ps ax|grep named
      595  ??  Ss     0:05.18 /usr/sbin/syslogd -l /var/run/log -l /var/named/var/run/log -css
      688  ??  Ss     0:32.34 /usr/local/sbin/named -u bind -c /etc/namedb/named.conf -t /var/named -u bind
      770  ??  Is     0:00.15 /usr/local/sbin/named -u bind -c /etc/namedb/named.conf -t /var/named -u bind
     1077  ??  Is     0:00.37 /usr/sbin/named -u bind -c /etc/named.conf
    The first two are BIND 9.6.2-P1, one of which runs successfully as it starts first. "the working directory is not writeable" doesn't seem to be causing any problems.

    The third is 9.4.3-P4 and shouldn't be running at all. When I look at service status in WHM it says named (9.4.3-P4) so for some reason WHM is starting up the old version of named. However, if I kill the only running process that is 9.4.3-P4, WHM thinks that named is still running but still refers to it as 9.4.3-P4.

    /etc/rc.conf has the following:

    named_flags="-u bind -c /etc/namedb/named.conf"
    So, problem 1 - how can I tell WHM to use the newer version of named (which is chrooted) instead of the old version and thus cut named down to 2 instances.

    I do notice that /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ has the wrong path. I don't know if its as simple as correcting the start and stop commands in there or if making WHM understand the chroot is any different.

    There is also /etc/init.d/named which is identical to

    I do know that there is also the normal system file /etc/rc.d/named which is a lot more complicated.

    So that is three places that appear to start named but two point to BIND 9.4.3-P4 and one to BIND 9.6.2-P1. This doesn't match up with two instances of BIND 9.6.2-P1 starting and one BIND 9.4.3-P4.

    I'm confused..can anyone shed any light?

    Also as a side note, I'm noticing BIND 9.7 available. Does anyone know if WHM plays with 9.7 or not?
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