3rd Party Applications Permissions Fuctionality Changes Coming to 11.38


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May 20, 2003
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cPanel plans to release 11.38.1 to the EDGE tier very soon. Along with a number of bug fixes, this release comes with some new functionality. The new functionality allows the server admin to apply stricter permissions to 3rd party applications that run within cPanel & WHM.

In the Tweak Settings interface are the following newly available options:

  • Allow apps not registered with AppConfig to be run when logged in as a reseller to WHM
  • Allow apps not registered with AppConfig to be run when logged in as root or a reseller with the "all" ACL in WHM

You'll find these settings under the Security tab.

You will also find a new interface in the Development section of WHM which reports the current AppConfig configuration of 3rd party applications (screen shot below).


The cPanel AppConfig was originally released in cPanel & WHM version 11.32. It allows 3rd party applications better integration at the application server level. We enhanced it for 11.38.1, in conjunction with feedback from various third party developers to whom we are quite grateful. More information on AppConfig, and these changes, is available at cPanel AppConfig - cPanel Documentation

We intend to deploy version 11.38.1 to the CURRENT tier rather soon. We welcome your feedback on these changes, as well as anything else in 11.38.1.

cPanel wants to thank the members of our EDGE-Users community for their feedback and ongoing testing of our development releases. If you would like to join the EDGE-Users community please visit this link:
Mailing Lists | cPanel, Inc.

Read more about the cPanel & WHM Versions and the Release Process here:
cPanel & WHM Versions and the Release Process - cPanel Documentation


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Oct 27, 2005
Yes, it turns out the Rouncube issue was unrelated. Sorry about that.

Appconfig is still very confusing though. I don't seem to see any easy way to get past it when an app isn't working. For example, the configserver mod security app doesn't appear to work. I didn't know it didn't work until I tried to use it in an emergency this morning. During and emergency I'd like to be able to just say, "LET ME FRIGGEN USE MY APP", but it was not clear how that would be accomplished. Eventually, after turning appconfig completely off and manually editing the config file, my app suddenly started working again. I'm not even sure which of the 20 changes I made trying to get it to work was the one that did it. Certainly, turning off everything in tweak settings did not turn it off. After I marked everything as OFF, I was still unable to get the app to work. I still got the same warning message about not being allowed to access the app.

If it isn't possible to quickly disable it or to quickly use an app when I need it, then it is useless for security, because its going to be off until I can get around to figuring it out.
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