48 Infected Files in /usr Directory


Dec 12, 2012
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Root Administrator
Hello. I scan with ClamAV /usr directory and the result:

clamscan -r -v /usr/local/*
----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Known viruses: 1339842
Engine version: 0.97.6
Scanned directories: 6817
Scanned files: 74061
Infected files: 48
Data scanned: 3199.23 MB
Data read: 9776.70 MB (ratio 0.33:1)
Time: 541.174 sec (9 m 1 s)

I tried "clamscan -r -i /usr/local/*" too but it gave errors instead of infected files list. I can't remember what the errors exactly are.

What do you suggest me for cleaning up infected files?
And how can i search for infected files? I tried
clamscan -r -v /usr/local/* >> clam.log
but it's big file and almost every file says OK by the end of the line. If it is infected file, what will be at the end of line instead of OK?