500 Error When Accessing cPanel


Jun 26, 2014
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Sorry for my english!
The probleme is next:

I try to enable/activate this option: "User-Feature Manager"
I typed my password to confirm this, and hit the "Enable User-Feature Manager" button.
After this come to this site:

[Removed - Please attach images directly to the thread]

And when I type my cpanel password at the full-featured Contorl Panel box, I get this message:

Internal Server Error 500
No response from subprocess (cpanelphp) subprocess exited with status 2

I called my website's host company, called - Removed -, and they said that this is a main bug of the CPanel, and they asked the company earlier to solve it, but they didn't do this. :(

What is the problem? Is this really cPanel's mistake, or the host's company? I'm a little confused...
What can I do cPanelMichael?
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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

I have moved this post into it's own thread. Your hosting company will need to contact us through a support ticket or our forums if they are concerned it's an issue with cPanel. There is not much you can do as an end-user of cPanel to troubleshoot this type of issue.

Thank you.