550 Error for local domain insteasd of Mail Delivery Failure email messag


Jun 10, 2012
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I have this issue (i can't name it problem):
When sending emails to a deleted email address from an external email, the external email receives back a "Mail delivery failed" email with the 550 error.

This is normal as long as the Default Adress in cPanel is set to " :fail: No Such User Here ".

The issue i have is that when someone on that server is sending an email to a non existing email address on the same server (or the same domain), they don't receive back the "Mail delivery failed" email.
What they see is an "on-screen" error in the email client or on webmail, instead of an email message.

What can i do in order to also have local email accounts to receive the "Mail delivery failed" email with the 550 error when sending emails to local non-existent email addresses?

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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! What you're seeing is normal behavior from the mail server when the system attempts a local delivery.

In your example, when you send from a local address to a nonexistent local address, Exim doesn't need to deliver the message remotely as it performs a local check first. This actually saves a bit of resources and can help lower the load on a busy mailserver.

Similar behavior happens even when a local domain is set to the "Remote Mailserver" option in cPanel >> Email Routing - Exim checks for the address locally, and you'll get the red warning box with a slightly different message in it, but it's still a 550 error.

I don't have a way to make it send the bounceback message. The best recommendation I would have would be to submit a feature request so our email team can review this behavior and see if that is something that can be added to the system.