550 error started today on my email/domain link in my signature - InMotion is Helpless


Jun 22, 2020
Atlanta GA
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As of Tonight - 6/22/20 - my own email address (link) and domain name (link) in my email signature in the body of my email causes my outgoing email to fail delivery (550 error) immediately upon hitting cpanel system before leaving the inmotion servers (my account is with InMotion). Inmotion says there's nothing they can do and apparently cpanel updated their software and now because I have my own linked email and domain in my signature (like most businesses) for my client's convienence cpanel flags it as spam beofre it gets out. InMotion says they are helpless to do anything. Sugessted I leave out my email and domain. THIS IS INSANE. Can cpanel not make any adjustments to fix this clear error in protection to the point of killing my ability to communicate my OWN NAME? Help anyone....


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Nov 14, 2017
What portion of cPanel are they saying is causing this? What is the failure notice you receive? If you go to cPanel >> Email >> Track Delivery is anything output for email you attempt to send as far as errors go? Headers of the bounce reason would be fantastic if you have those as well as any technical information provided by your provider.