Aug 27, 2006
I am looking at purchasing cPanel for my dedicated server while I move into a couple of new business ideas, A couple of the main things I'm looking into is the Shopping Cart software that comes with Cpanel and the Ability to administer the majority of fucntions within my server, I have had a little experience with cPanel in the past and I realise how much easier it makes life.

However I would like to know what exactly WHM is as I dont recall hearing anything about this before :S

Also how customizable is the shopping cart software and do you need to pay extra for this / how many times can you use it?

Thanks and Sorry for the noob quesitons :)


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Jun 24, 2006
WHM & Shopping cart information

WHM (Web Host Manager) is a graphical tool used to manage all of the websites hosted in a web server. WHM listens to port 2086 by default. The most common WHM is cPanel. WHM or WebHost Manager is used to manage a reseller account or a server; depending on the privilege the account may have. WHM is basically an advanced control panel used to manage a server or a reseller account. Depending on the privilege an account may have, a user can access every aspect of a server.


Shopping cart is absoultely free with cpanel to use. You can use it multiple times no restrictions for that.

The Agora Shopping Cart is a fully featured shopping cart that can be installed with the click of a button. The product is fully documented at the Interchange site - please refer to the Agora web site if you have any questions about using the shopping cart.


1 To access Agora Cart Setup, click on the icon above the words Agora Shopping Cart on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

2 Enter the username of the user you wish to administrate your cart in the blank field next to Admin User:

3 Enter the administrator's password in the blank field next to Admin Password:

4 Enter the url you wish to install the cart to in the blank field next to Install the cart at this url:

5 Click on Install to set up the shopping cart.