Aug 12, 2006
Hostname A Entry Missing!
The server was unable to lookup an an A entry for its hostname (CRACK.XPLANEFREEWARE.NET). This is generally because the entry was never added. However this could also be the result of your nameserver(s) being down. If you would like to attempt to automaticlly add the entry, . [Click here]
Found your hostname to be: CRACK.XPLANEFREEWARE.NET
Found your short hostname to be: CRACK
Found your domain name to be: XPLANEFREEWARE.NET
Found your main ip to be:
If this looks correct, [Add the entry]\
Everysingle time we log into the WHM for our site we are always getting this problem.
What is a A entry in the first place? and HOW the heck do we go about FIXING THIS?
remember were new at this.......

SO please in details..
thanks :confused:
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Sep 21, 2006

I am having the same exact issue . Upon checking A records @ dnsstuff it returned these results.

Domain Type Class TTL Answer A IN 14400 NS IN 86400 NS IN 86400 A IN 14400 A IN 14400

The IP's, were my old nameserver IP addresses as I just changed them approx. 24 hours ago. Will this issue resolve itself after full namserver to IP propogation ir am I misconfiguring something?


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Oct 22, 2005
Long Island, NY
Hostname A Entry Missing error

I get the same error every day. Every day, I click "Add A-Entry," follow the prompts (if this looks good, click here, etc...) and every NEXT day, it appears. Is this an inactive script? Or, is it being hampered by some root-level program?

I also tried the DNS Settings->Add an A Entry option (looks like the same script,) also to no avail.

Where should I see the A Entry?

If my server name is "Frank.Domain.Com" should I see a DNS entry as, or under Frank.Domain.Com, and if it's under Domain.Com, what should it look like? (Frank.Domain.Com. A Domain.Com) ?

- Mike Z.