A few configurations i would like to change. (Exim/SpamAssassisin related)


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Aug 21, 2002
1. Dont send replys to emails which contain banned attachments. (.pif etc...) I want to just delete them silently. This just wastes resources since most of the time the from address is forged. I know this is controlled by /etc/antivirus.exim however i cant find a way of deleting the email without sending the reply. The "save /dev/null" does not appear to work the way it does in vfilters.

2. Block incoming email with multiple targets to the same mailbox.
Increasing spammers try to send one email with multiple recipients like
To: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
The "somedomain.com" is always the same domain on the server, where the spammer is trying to guess the mailbox names.
Theres no reason a legitimate email would be sent this way.

3. If the user runs out of space, and an email is sent where the recipient and the sender is the same local user but the actual email address is different. (eg. [email protected] sends an email to [email protected]) This results in an infinate loop of autoreplys and a very slow server. How to fix this???

4. Block a mailserver if it sends to my server too many emails to the same domain (eg mailbombs). Preferably using iptables (linux) or ipfw (freebsd).

5. Stop spamassassin spam tagged email queing up in the mailqueue.

6. Stop outgoing email with a non local from address. (eg. paypal.com citibank etc...)
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