A few issues (rndc, dns, caching etc)


Jan 23, 2010
Hi all,

I just setup a new VPS with cpanel preinstalled and updated it to the latest release version. I am noticing a few strange things happening though so I thought I'd ask here. I am used to having no Control Panel and editing config files manually but for this server I am trying to stay away from that as I dont want future cpanel updates to overwrite my changes.

1. After every reboot (maybe other things trigger it too) I get rndc errors when setting up new accounts: "rndc: connect failed: connection refused" or something like that. I have seen heaps of posts about how to fix this (/scripts/fixrndc) etc and that works but after a reboot I get the same problem again.

2. I haven't turned on apache/php caching of any kind on this server and forums I have read show caching is off by default but my server does seem to be caching stuff. I had a php file doing a readfile('/etc/passwd'); and it failed successfully but then changing it to read a different file showed the same /etc/passwd error for 5 minutes or so before it started showing the error for the new file. I can't find any settings anywhere in WHM to alter caching. I also have serversignature turned off yet I see the full server signature on 404's.

3. This isnt really cpanel related but you would all likely be pretty clued up on this. I just changed the nameservers for one of my domains to ones pointing to this new server and the domain almost instantly went offline. Pinging it says it cant find the host. I am used to the domain remaining pointed to the old IP until everything propogates and then itll be pointing to the new IP, not having the domain not seem to point anywhere. I am aware changing nameservers and changing a simple A record etc are different but I've never seen a domain go offline like this before.