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Dec 3, 2002
Hello. I also sent this to CPanel support, but we'll see which answers first.


1.&How many email accounts can CPanel handle? One domain we have is 8500 users...can it handle that many? Currently we use Sendmail AMS for that domain, but quite frankly we're not happy with it and are looking forward to using Horde and Spamassassin. (My personal webhost uses Cpanel, and I am quite fond of it's abilities.)

2.&How scriptable is CPanel? If we need to add users, can this be done through a script to add/modify users?

3.&If we plan on hosting about 100 domains, how many servers are recommended? Each domain will have a max of 1gb hdd and 20gb transfer. Most will have only 100 or so POP accounts and there should be very few databases.

4.&Is there a price difference between CPanel distributors? Who is the best to buy from?

5.&How are new additions to our DNS servers handled? Currently we have to add a DB file and modify the named.conf files on our DNS machines...will that still be a manual task?

6.&How many IPs will we need? Can we simply use apache virtualhosts for some clients and assign others IPs?

Thanks very much for any assistance you can offer.