Jun 19, 2007
I'm a new user of cPanel and i'll need some help in order to understand a few things. I'd like to provide free hosting, so users will have their websites running on . First of all i'd like to know if this is possible, to provide them with their subdomain and their cpanel account. I believe is possible, i think i saw it somewhere, so i'd like to know how's that possible! Some documentation links would be really helpful!

The next question is about my front-end, the site that will display the plans and the registration form. Is there a way to connect a form with my back-end so as soon as the user is registered, the new account will be created? Or, do i have to create my own form and manually create a user account?

Last question...i have created a new reseller account from my WHM, which is going to be for free hosting. So, everything else need to be done from that account?