A little help with subdomains please....


Aug 30, 2006
I am having someone put photos up for a high school football site and need to restrict their access to that photos folder only. So I made a sub-domain /photos with redirect and then setup an ftp address for photos with username and password. Don't know if that's correct, but that's what i was told.

So please help if you can, I am trying to access that folder with the username and password and it won't work. Tried several different ways.

:rolleyes: Please tell me step by step....will give address if needed. Thanx!


Oct 4, 2005
How it should be done..

moutnbkr, here is how it should be setup. this should give you a better understanding of how to setup subdomains with ftp restrictions to the subdomain folder.

1.Log in to Cpanel

2.Setup subdomain account eg photo.my.com (my.com being your domain). to use a folder called "photo" in your main domain, so the sudomain is photo.my.com but can also be accessed via my.com/photo
Enter "photo" so it becomes photo.my.com
click add.
Subdomain should now be added.
This also adds a folder called "photo" in your "public_html" folder

3. Add their FTP account.
(FTP Manager > FTP Accounts > Add FTP Account)
Login: photo
Password: apassword
Quota: (put a quota here if needed, in MB)
Directory: /home/username/public_html/photo
(username is your cpanel username)
Directory is on photo due to the subdomain directory you setup being "photo".

Once thats done, you should be finished.
then they can login to your ftp via an ftp program.
EG : for the above details the login details would be...
ip = ftp.my.com (or just my.com)
user = [email protected] (username you setup for the ftp followed by @ then followed by your domain)
password = apassword

Job Done
Hope this gives you a little more insite to understanding it.
Any problems, post a reply :)


Aug 29, 2006
See some good information about sub-domain

See some good information about sub-domain. Recently I searched about setting subdomain & according the informations I set one account & uploaded big files there without knowing any consequences via subdomain ftp account.Now I see all those files though available in the subdomain folder under public_html & www but actually few pages come up though http://subdomain.domain.info or http://www.subdomain.domain.info and most come in http://www.domain.info/subdomain urls. I was not aware of the quota & now allocated quota to unlimited & now all pages that I uploaded goes to my subdomain site.

Now how can I shift all my files to exclusively use for the subdomain url (http://subdomain.domain.info) ?



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Aug 6, 2006
You or your fellow site developers may need to transfer files from a computer to the computer that contains your web site. If you need to transfer many files, using an FTP client is the quickest way to accomplish this. In the FTP Manager, you can create FTP accounts, which allow users to access the files of your web site with an FTP client.

1 To access the FTP Manager, click on the icon above the words FTP Manager on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

2 Click on FTP Accounts.

3 To add an FTP account, click on Add FTP Account.

4 Enter the username for the new FTP account in the blank field next to Login:

5 Enter the password for the new FTP account in the blank field next to Password:

6 Enter the directory which the account will have access to in the blank field next to Directory:

NOTE: Enter / in this field will give the user access to /public_html/ and all subdirectories of /public_html/ for your account.

7 Click on Create to create the new FTP account.

NOTE: If the account was created, the following will appear (except user will be the username you have provided for the new account, and password will be the password you have provided for the new account) :