A name problem trying to add subdomain


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Aug 2, 2006
Hi there everyone,

I've got WHM 10.8.0 running on Fedora 4 through GoDaddy, and I've run into a problem on initial setup:

I want to be able to connect to the cPanel/WHM control panel via https://server.mydomain.com, instead of, so I changed the host name under WHM, and it asked if I wanted an Aname created, and I said yes. When attempting to connect via the URL, it was refusing the connection. GoDaddy said it was because I was behind a firewall, and cPanel was trying to resolve to the local IP, and they stated that I need to use the public IP to connect to, so I altered the Aname to point to the IP address that the server uses.

This brings me to the standard front page for that URL, and if I add the port on the end of the url manually through the browser, it times out while trying to connect., so I thought I would add the port designation:)2087) behind the url in the Aname record via WHM. When I try to do that, WHM tells me that I have an error:

My_Server said:
server 14400 IN A near '': bad dotted quad
Can anyone tell me how to get https://server.mydomain.com(or https://server.mydomain.com:2087) to point to ?