A newbie's questions, about the server loads..


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Jan 22, 2005
Hi friends. I know these questions are !#@[email protected]! for you but they are bothering me all day and night... Now I decide to post them out here, and wish to hear kindly helps, thank you in advance!

My current system:

- VPS in ServInt.net
- 512MB Memory Guaranteed
- Cpanel/WHM
- Not reseller, only 1 Invision Power Board 2.0.3 running with normally 30 onlines in 15 mins.


I started using it 6 days ago, in the past 5 days I was doing optimizing to the VPS, have changed httpd.conf, my.cnf, installed Zend Optimizer and MMcache, these procedures help me a lot on reducing system loads.

Yesterday, when I rebooted the system (HTTPD, MySQL, Named, etc..), after one hour my IPB had 15 online users and my memory usage was quite low (65MB), and even when in the most busy time in the day, with 50 online users on IPB, my memory usage was not more than 100MB. However I just found that there were 8 "mysqld" processes generated immediately after yesterday's reboot, and started staying there and took no memory usage at that time. However today, now, when I type 'ps -aux' to see processes, there are 12 "mysqld" processes out of there (4 more than yesterday), and each of them takes 0.1 of memory, and there are now only 20 users online, and now the memory usage is 95MB!! This is unlike yesterday, which was 65 MB. Obviously that "mysqld" processes are using the memory.

My Questions

  1. Is it normal that the "mysqld" processes (threads) keep adding? Will the system going to add more and more "mysqld" processes? Will it stop adding?
  2. Are they ("mysqld") going to keep taking more and more memory usage like after a week or a month each of "mysqld" will take 3.0 memory? Or they would just keep the current usage and size?
  3. What is the problem causing to have so many "mysqld"? Any way to avoid?
  4. I know everytime to restart the mysql would be the way to free the memory, but is this way fine? Should I do restarting everyday? Is everyday's restarting the way that VPS works?

If you are confused with above questions, pls kindly try to answer this summarised question: Everytime when I restart the system, the memory usage is about 60MB, but after one day it enlarges to 90MB, so what would it going to be? Would the next day it is going to usage 120MB under the same traffic? 180MB? 250MB? 300MB? and more and more everyday? Is this how the server works? (I'm now on the second day of last reboot)

Thank you very much!