A problem when you create a new account in my server


Jan 17, 2010
when i create a new account on my server i got this problems

1 / i cant open my cpanel site and i got this message

can't write into /home/sportco/.cpanel/nvdata.cache: No such file or directory at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/NVData.pm line 60
Carp::croak('can\'t write into /home/sportco/.cpanel/nvdata.cache: No such fi...') called at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.2/i686-linux/Storable.pm line 76
Storable::logcroak('can\'t write into /home/sportco/.cpanel/nvdata.cache: No such fi...') called at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.2/i686-linux/Storable.pm line 248
Storable::_store('CODE(0x91165fc)', 'HASH(0x8c9c9d8)', '/home/sportco/.cpanel/nvdata.cache', 1) called at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.2/i686-linux/Storable.pm line 236
Storable::lock_nstore('HASH(0x8c9c9d8)', '/home/sportco/.cpanel/nvdata.cache') called at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/NVData.pm line 60
Cpanel::NVData::_savecache() called at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/NVData.pm line 149
Cpanel::NVData::_loadcache(1) called at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/NVData.pm line 181
Cpanel::NVData::_get(undef) called at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ExpVar.pm line 156
Cpanel::ExpVar::expvar('$NVDATA{\'x3_hideicons\'}') called at cpanel line 1416
main::execiftag('<cpanelif $NVDATA{\'x3_hideicons\'}>') called at cpanel line 4014
main::dotag_finished_headers('<cpanelif $NVDATA{\'x3_hideicons\'}>', 0) called at cpanel line 3839
main::cpanel_parseblock('<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "...') called at cpanel line 3815
main::cpanel_parse('GLOB(0x93c3db4)') called at cpanel line 2130
main::doinclude('/usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/x3/branding//index.html', 0, 1) called at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Branding.pm line 48
Cpanel::Branding::Branding_include('index.html') called at (eval 5) line 1
eval 'Cpanel::Branding::Branding_include(@{$argref});' called at cpanel line 922
main::real_exectag('<cpanelif $NVDATA{\'x3_hideicons\'}>') called at cpanel line 3986
main::dotag_finished_headers('<cpanelif $NVDATA{\'x3_hideicons\'}>', 0) called at cpanel line 3869
main::cpanel_parseblock('<cpanel Branding="include(index.html)">^J') called at cpanel line 3815
main::cpanel_parse('GLOB(0x9128b38)') called at cpanel line 5293
main::run_standard_mode() called at cpanel line 387

2 / when i test my server config i got this mesaage

Warning: DocumentRoot [/home/sandor/public_html] does not exist

3 /This problem only occurs only to spite do I create a new account in the server, but the old sites work very well

my cpanel

cPanel 11.25.0-R42404 - WHM 11.25.0 - X 3.9
CENTOS 5.4 i686 virtuozzo on sever

Server Version: Apache/2.2.14 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.14 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ mod_perl/2.0.4 Perl/v5.8.8 Security mostadef.com

Greetings to you