A website ccount will get suspended soon for high bandwidth use in two day? Help

Freddy Flores

Jan 18, 2023
United States
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My name is Freddy and this is my firs post after registering today.
One of my websites got suspended for using 7000 mb. I changed the bandidth limit to 10,000mb and now it used 8,447 mb in one day (1/17/23). As of today (1/18/23 and 9,104 mb, is getting suspended as soon as it reaches the limit, again. Is anybody having or had the same problem? I erased the website from the picture but here it is. <REDACTED>
Or is it bacause I added an MP4 Video on About Us page? Its a 300mb size. Please help.


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Jurassic Moderator
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! A large video like that running directly off your machine would definitely cause that issue. It would only take 24 loads of that video to reach 7000M. It would be best to place a link to the video on Youtube where users can watch it there instead of using the bandwidth on your server.

martin MHC

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Sep 14, 2016
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Tio understand bandwidth quantities; you should take the size of the video and that is the bandwidth used every single time the video page loads. So your 0.3Gb video loaded in just ten pages and that's already 3Gb of bandwidth potentially used up. If you have say 1000 page visits in a month then that's already going to be 300Gb+ potential bandwidth usage.

Depending on your circumstances you best put the bandwidth as "unlimited" or, as mentioned by cPRex, hosting the video off server on a specialist service such as Youtube.