AAAA record for new accounts not created automatically

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cloudlinux 8
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Feb 28, 2023
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AAAA record is not added automatically to newly created accounts, I must add it manually each time a new account is created !!!

And yes the ipv6 variable already exists in the DNS zone templates; however, it is not used!!.

I have a ticket with the ID #94769246 about this issue. And a feature request about it, although it's supposed to be treated as a bug and get simply fixed on next version.

I have several clients with ipv6 and they get an ( invalid login ) message when they try to login to their cPanel accounts!!. After lots of trials and tests I finally discovered that the issue is they are having ipv6 from their ISP and cPanel just give this unclear error message!!. After activating the ipv6 on the server and adding ipv6 AAAA record the problem is gone.

I hope that the developers team address this issue asap.
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Feb 4, 2006
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In a new server, if I create a new account, there are no AAAA records in the DNS zone (they are in the DNS Zone template).
But when I transfer accounts from another server the AAAA records are there, even if they are not in the source server. :rolleyes: