Absolutely baffling email issue. I could really use help please.


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Apr 13, 2003
First off, thanks for taking a look at this, because I am *completely stumped* on this one! :confused:

Simple scenario:

Starting yesterday, one very important customer of mine has been unable to connect to the email server. She uses the built-in Mac Mail on her Mac OSX. She says she didn't change any settings, but can no longer send & receive.

There are no other users experiencing this problem on the same server, everyone else is fine.

Sounds like a typical scenario until you get to this:

- When she logs in to webmail (Horde and Neo both), she only see's one (1) email in there and doesn't see any new ones coming in.

- I can log in to her webmail and see 130 messages in there, and I can see new ones arriving.

She tried using two different browsers - Safari and Netscape - same problem with both.


-> her Mac Mail config seems to be ok (which should have no affect on webmail anyway) but she cannot send or receive from it.

-> her webmail works fine for me when I log in to her account with it, but for her it only displays 1 old message and that's it.

Has anyone ever encountered anything like this? I'm at a total loss here...

Thank you for any advice/input!


Jun 24, 2005
The last time I saw anything like that is when the user had a mailbox the same name as the
master email login that Cpanel creates.

"username" would actually access "[email protected]" account setup by Cpanel

"[email protected]" would access the real "[email protected]" email account

The user swore that they were logging in correct and that nothing had changed and
they would see no email messages while I saw all their email just fine ...

Turns out that I was logging in with "[email protected]" while the customer was logging
in with just simply "username" alone and pulling up the wrong email account.


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Apr 13, 2003
Thank you Spiral, I think this might be exactly the issue we're facing.

The customer has indeed created an email account of the same name as her master cpanel login.

The one thing that is still mysterious is that this problem just started yesterday, and they've been a customer for a year or so. I will try to get them on the phone to find out if they're *positive* they didn't change their email software settings, and make sure they're using [email protected]

Thank you very much for replying!