Access log not saving full month after cPanel import of domain


Jan 28, 2013
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
Quick background: 3 or so years ago I stated renting a virtual server with WHM/CP after the previous host I was with closed its doors. I used CP (maybe WHM?) to import the domain/data/etc. from the old server which was also running CP. This was the only domain that was transferred over, and other domains have been added by hand since.

Problem: The other day I went to access some log files and found that only the first day of each month was saved in the file, and it had been doing this since the transfer 3 years ago. I also noticed that in my awstats config file that the DirData was set to the directory structure and username from the old server. Additionally, the compressed log files are being saved in a different directory, /logs rather then /access-logs, like the rest of the domains on the server - I think /logs was the location from the old server.

It seems to me that with the transfer the old settings from the previous server where applied to my server. I am hoping that there is a config file somewhere that I can edit to correct these issues, but I do not know where. Any ideas or any thoughts would be appreciated!