Access root to a server in cluster -> access to dns ?


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Oct 8, 2004
Our noc is :

2 different DNS ONLY servers in front of NOC.

10 Servers for our customers. All configured with remote hash as cluster, all domains are delegated to dnsonly servers.

Now we are also selling dedicated servers with cpanel , but news dedicated customer ask us root whm password for the dedicated , those servers are also in our cluster , using same dns only servers.

when a customer of dedicated logins as root in theirs dedicated, see in "Configure Cluster" hash of our dnsonly servers.

Question is , is safe to give root for a dedicated server , and this server connected to our dns only servers ?


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Oct 2, 2010
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I would not give a dedicated machine access to your DNS cluster DNS only machines. If you connect those machines to your cluster, they will see all zones on all machines on their server and can remove the other machine's DNS zones.

In my opinion, dedicated server customers should obtain their own private DNS nameservers and manage their DNS on the dedicated machine.