Accessing the HTML pages before the domain propagates


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Jun 30, 2002
It is possible to access an account's CPanel before the domain name propagates. It is also possible to upload files via FTP, all using the server domain name ( or for that matter, the domain name of every other account on the server ).

It is even possible to read the POP e-mails.

However, I am using a PHP program which requires executing a setup script in PHP, with various procedures to follow.

The problem I have is that whenever I setup a new account with the program or I move from one server to another, I cannot perform this setup until the DNS has propagated.

I can install all the files, setup the Database, but I cannot do the steps in the PHP script.

The main problem I have, is that :

1 - I cannot hit refresh until the domain propagates
2 - Even if I did, someone might see the domain before me, if it propagates faster.

So, I am looking to find a way to access these PHP files in my browser using a sub-directory of the server ( such as :, or

I am not in the same location of the server and I am not on the same &ISP&.

Thank you everyone !