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Feb 8, 2002
Boston MA
I had a server at a old NOC and I just got one at Burst. I want to transfer the whole damn server over to the new one at Burst. Does the account copy do all the httpd.conf and everything? Should I do this all manually? I need to know soon as I want to switch my server ASAP. Please tell me exactly what files are transfered. Are all the logs transfered? Are all the mail lists transfered. Mysql databases? This is very vital to my business so please respond.


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Aug 13, 2001
It should do it all for you except for reseller information and any custom themes you may have. You will also need to reinstall any perl modules you may have, etc.

The only problem we've had is on DNS with subdomains so check those.

Also check mysql db users and make sure they are working. We used to have this problem, but I understand it's been fixed. I haven't confirmed this myself.