Account copy, move everything but home folder?


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Mar 3, 2006
When I need to change hosting one of the accounts that is just over 50Gb can be a problem to transfer. If I initiate multiple account copy from WHM it is gonna take few hours depending on a transfer speed but in any case it is gonna take too long. As my internet connection breaks up every now and then for ISP to renew the ip. If everything is not done by then it can create problems.

Anyway I was hoping there was a way to transfer everything but home folder. Like to move mysql, email stuff etc. So that new account can be successfully restored on new server.
Then I can rsyn home folder and even if my connection breaks I'll just continue when I reconnect.
And it would probably be faster then compressing everything then breaking it into parts and transferring them as whm does.

Any help would be much appreciated.