Sep 12, 2006
Hi, Im a newb. Im really stuck. I have search through the forums but wasnt able to figure it out. I have a dedicated account. I want to create a new account to host a new website on the server. (Im not actually reselling to anyone but want to set it up as if I was) I have the domain name but havent change the dns yet.

I created a package. Then I go to account functions and create account and select a package. I get the following:

WWWAcct 10.0 (c) 1997-2005 cPanel, Inc.

| New Account Info |
| Domain:
| Ip: (n)
| HasCgi: y
| UserName: user
| PassWord: ;pass
| CpanelMod: x2
| HomeRoot: /home
| Quota: 2000 Meg
| NameServer1:
| NameServer2:
| NameServer3:
| NameServer4:
| Contact Email: [email protected]
Changing password for user
Password for user has been changed
Removing Shell Access (n)
Changing shell for user.
Shell changed.
Copying skel files from /root/cpanel3-skel/ to /home/user/
Using Quota v3 Support.

Then everything stalls. The alerts at the bottom of my browser still say "transferring data from..." but it hangs forever. There is no new account created in the account list.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to information source where I can find help or give me some input? I know its really tiresome to have such basic questions asked and I have worked to figure this out. My ISP isnt any help. They said it should be working fine...

Thank you so much. Sorry for asking such a noob question.



Sep 12, 2006

I believe this is the version number (its off the upper right hand side of the screen)

WHM 10.1.0 cPanel 10.2.0-R82
CentOS 3.8 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0

Thank you for any assistance! I really appreciate it.


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Nov 18, 2004
I had similar problem but it was in the new edge version, so you should not be affected by this. Whenever I have cpanel problems I usually solve them by runing cpanel update. or you can try from ssh

/scripts/upcp --force

also you could check