Sep 20, 2018
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I am configuring a new WHM setup. Right now, I have two public IP's assigned. The first is listed as the "Main/shared IP for: nobody and root". The other is an address I marked as "Reserved". I have no resellers - just "root".

1) I would like to have multiple shared IP's. I read another article that said I could accomplish this through reserving the IP's then rebuilding the IP address pool, which I did. But it doesn't state anywhere that this IP is shared. In fact, when trying to "Change Multiple Sites' IP Addresses", I get an error on the second site that says "Sorry, x.x.x.x is in use by another domain name and is not a shared ip.

2) When I assign an account an IP address or change the IP address of an account, it dedicates the IP address to that account and it then cannot be used by any other accounts. This is frustrating. This is true even with the "Main/Shared IP".

Help please?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @proweb01,

The ability to setup multiple shared IP addresses is not supported at this time. It's only possible through temporarily changing the main shared IP address or by assigning a shared IP address to a reseller and creating accounts under that reseller. Feel free to add your input and vote for the following feature request if you'd like to see support for this added to the product:

Multiple Shared IP Addresses

Thank you.