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Aug 31, 2002
I'm not using CPanel yet for production, but rather preparing to do so soon.

In any case, upon my experimentation with account downgrades, I realized that WHM doesn't seem to do anything to actually &enforce& the downgrade.

Let's say an account for user &bob& is allowed up to 5 subdomains. He has 3 set up. His account is then downgraded to allow only 2 subdomains.

WHM does not seem to delete the third subdomain. It simply shows that there are 3 out of 2 subdomains configured. I don't exactly blame WHM for acting this way, because what method would determine which of the three subdomans is deleted?

My question here is... is there any way to automate this process, or have it enforce downgrades? It's a tricky issue when it comes to subdomains, but possibly even more tricky when it comes to disk quote (WHM can't randomly delete files until the user is under quota).

I'm just wondering if anyone's got any good ideas, or ways to avoid the need for manual intervention when a user downgrades.