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Account installing problem apache not restarting

Discussion in 'EasyApache' started by Ramsy, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. Ramsy

    Ramsy Guest

    Running the WHM 8.6.0 cPanel 8.6.0-R23
    FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE - WHM X v2.1.1
    Whmap does not restart apache, so the website simply doesnt show up. I need to manually login to shell and do a 'apachectl graceful', apache restarts without problems and voila the website show up.
    Any idea's on how to fix this ?

    No it isnt a DNS propagation error, because i do gameserver hosting as well, and most people just choose for a subdomain f.ex. clanname.domain.tld.
    I've added *.domain.tld to my nameservers, so if i do a non-existing clanname.domain.tld it just shows up our mainsite.
    As soon as i install the account and go to the subdomain it just shows up our main site, even after refreshing or closing down IE and try again.
    As soon as i manually restart apache and refresh again, the standard skeleton page shows up. There are no log entries made whatsoever explaining that there is a problem.
    I tried creating an account inside whm:

    WWWAcct 8.0 by J. Nick Koston
    | New Account Info                  |
    | Domain:
    | Ip: (n)
    | HasCgi: y
    | UserName: (removed details)
    | PassWord: (removed details)
    | CpanelMod: x
    | HomeRoot: /usr/home
    | Quota: 200 Meg
    | NameServer1:
    | NameServer2:
    | NameServer3: 
    | NameServer4: 
    Removing Shell Access (n)
    chsh: user information updated
    Copying skel files from /root/cpanel3-skel/ to /usr/home/test/
    Using Freebsd Copy
    /root/cpanel3-skel/www -> /usr/home/test/www
    /root/cpanel3-skel/www/500.shtml -> /usr/home/test/www/500.shtml
    /root/cpanel3-skel/www/404.shtml -> /usr/home/test/www/404.shtml
    /root/cpanel3-skel/www/403.shtml -> /usr/home/test/www/403.shtml
    /root/cpanel3-skel/www/401.shtml -> /usr/home/test/www/401.shtml
    /root/cpanel3-skel/www/400.shtml -> /usr/home/test/www/400.shtml
    /root/cpanel3-skel/public_html -> /usr/home/test/public_html
    /root/cpanel3-skel/public_html/index.html -> /usr/home/test/public_html/index.html
    /root/cpanel3-skel/public_html/cclog.jpg -> /usr/home/test/public_html/cclog.jpg
    /root/cpanel3-skel/public_ftp -> /usr/home/test/public_ftp
    Using redhat 6.x/freebsd support
    /usr: kbytes in use: 2, limits (soft = 204800, hard = 204800)
    Name Virtual Host already exists
    php open_basedir protection enabled
    Added Entries to httpd.conf (noip)
    Added DomainAlias Entry
    Added Named Entry
    Added Named File
    Account created successfully, still need to manually restart apache though, and then the website will show up.

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