Nov 26, 2004
I have a reseller account with about 500 accounts I'm trying to transfer from an old server to a new server keeping the same nameservers.

So far i Changed the DNS Zone Files on the old server to point to the new server IP address and changed the TTL from 14400 to 3600. Then i setup a cluster between the old server and new.

I transferred all the accounts from the old server over and changed the nameserver IP's with my domain registrar, it's been 24 hours, everything is propogated and the nameservers are pointing to the new server fine. Everything looks good in terms of DNS. I also ran perl -pi.bak -e "s/[oldip]/[newip]/g" *.db on the old server.

NO sites on the server are showing up. ALL my sites down. I did a DNS lookup on the sites on the new server and it states:

"No A records exist for ("

My old server is Running Red Hat Enterprise 3 and the new server is running FreeBSD, but i doubt this would cause issues with the DNS, or could it? What could be the problem?

Any help is Much Appreciated!