Account transfer between servers


Nov 10, 2002
When I try to &Copy an account from another server with account password& I get a checksum error each and every time. I had successfully copied the same account a few days ago. However, I wanted to make sure the account was up-to-date before notifying the customer to make DNS changes. I terminated the account, which seemed successful, and the reinitiated the account transfer, but this time it failed due to a checksum error. I'm assuming that there's some residual left-overs from the account termination/removal, but that is just a hunch. I've emailed cPanel support without reply. (Has anybody ever received a response from cPanel support). I've tried transferring the account around 10 times now over the course of about 36 hours. Below is the log of the last failed attempt (certain items hidden for privacy reasons.)
Thanks --Doug

Attempting to login as r**** to xeno****.org via ftp
Login ok
Uploading Wrapper
Uploading Dectector
Uploading Packager
Uploading Downloader
Uploading Killer
chmoding scripts
Found uid to be: 929
Compiling wrapper
uploading wrapper
chmodding wrapper
Closing FTP Control
Packing Account using suexec method

/tmp/cpmove-rikym exists, please remove it and try again
DOWNLOAD READY in /tmp/cpmove-rikym.tar.gz
Downloading Tarball
http://xeno****.org/~r****/cgi-bin/cpdownload/cpaneldownacct.cgi (unknown size)
cpaneldownacct.cgi [+] 0K
cpaneldownacct.cgi [-] 0K
0 bytes transferred in 0.02 sec (0.00k/sec)
Removing Scripts using suexec method

Checksum Failure [[d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e]] [[]]
Error while copying account...! Aborting Extraction


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Feb 27, 2003
I am getting the same errors... there is no file in /TMP as some suggested. This seems to be unaffected by the amount of disk space. Does anyone have an idea how we can get this fixed?