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Account won't show correct Paper Lantern theme

Discussion in 'User Experience' started by ottdev, May 18, 2016.

  1. ottdev

    ottdev Well-Known Member

    Oct 1, 2013
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    Root Administrator
    cPanel 56 build 17. Had this problem since at least 54 build 12.

    How do I get this account to use Paper Lantern (the 'new' one in pic 1) instead of the one it is showing which - I believe - you call Retro theme paper lantern (pic 2) ?

    The cPanel says its Paper Lantern (pic 2).
    I tried changing the theme within the cPanel itself to X3 then back to Paper Lantern.
    I tried changing the theme in WHM Modify/upgrade multiple accounts (where it did show Paper Lantern) to X3 then back to Paper Lantern.
    The package the account was on was set to use Paper Lantern and newer accounts set up on this package show up fine using the new paper lantern.
    I created a brand new package with theme=paper lantern and changed the account to it. No change. Again, I have tried switching back and forth again in the account in cPanel and WHM and the new package to X3 and back to Paper Lantern again.
    CANNOT GET THIS ACCT TO CHANGE. I need it to have access to some icons only in PL.... they don't show up in this Retro PL.

    And is there a way to check which accounts may be stuck in between themes like this without having to visit each cPanel? A set of config file we can grep in ? We have a dozen old grandfathered accounts moved from a competing panel and put on a specific package with a limited icon set - whether these use X3 or the retro Paper Lantern makes no difference. All others should have the new Paper Lantern since we'll only be customizing our own features for the new and those old clients wanting new features need to upgrade their package.


  2. cPanelAdamF

    cPanelAdamF cPanel Product Owner
    Staff Member

    Mar 21, 2013
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    Houston TX
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    FIX: To see the new presentation of Paper Lantern, you need to click the User Preferences pulldown (behind the user icon in the top right of your interface) and click the 'Change Style' link. From there, simply click the apply button on the Basic style and your interface should change to the new presentation.

    EXPLANATION: You are likely seeing the retro style in action when you switch the account to Paper Lantern. I realize it is probably confusing, but we designed a style (previously called a brand) for Paper Lantern which looks as close to x3 as we could make it so that users who were more comfortable with the x3 look and feel could use paper lantern. A 'style' is different than a 'theme'. Paper Lantern and X3 are 'themes', while 'basic' and 'retro' are styles.

    Starting in v54, we automatically pushed users off of x3 (a theme) and onto Paper Lantern (a theme) with the Retro Style applied. It’s time to say goodbye to X3 | cPanel Blog has all of the details, and a list of exceptions, about why we did this.

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