Accounts not being listed in the WHM - error processing this directive


Apr 29, 2006
Below are the all cases I had and all the ways I know and used to fix this.

This problem will happen all the time. Customers love to play around and to fix stuff on their own, and the results
sometimes are quite unpleasant :) Below is the main reason for this along with certain actions taken or things present / not present for this to happen
(since problems to do not appear on their own and just for the fun :) ) .

cPanel does not allow a domain name / sub-domain to be added in the same time in two different
cPanel accounts. In general the system should not allow you to do this, but sometimes it just happens.
Like when restoring an account, or just parking / adding already added domain into another account,
by deleting the DNS zone & etc.

1) Adding as addon / parked domain a domain already added into a different cPanel account
2) Account restoration / account transfer from another server that contain domain already
present in the server
3) Deleting (or missing) the domain / owner from /etc/trueuserdomains
4) Missing entry for the VirtualHost in the /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf file
5) Missing account file in /var/cpanel/users/accountusername
6) Missing DNS zone (although I'm not 100% sure for this)
7) Missing IP record in /var/cpanel/users/accountusername , or /var/named or /var/named/chroot/var/named (if you are running CentOS 4.2 or Fedora, named
runs in chroot )
8) Wrong group / user owner in:

/usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf file

But if this is so, no worries, Apache won't run at all :)

All from the move (and maybe I have missed some more) causes an account not to be listed in the WHM or in the Reseller WHM
If the case only applies for the last and you have checked everything from above make sure to check


/var/cpanel/rsellerusername.accts - this one I do not recommend to edit , just take a look and you will know why :)

How to Fix all this ?
Steps to determine what's wrong :

1) Run /scripts/updateuserdomains

In 90% of the cases this will show that a domain is already owned by someone, which means that this domain
is present in two accounts. In 90% of the cases this can be fixed from


By adding , or removing the
This really depends on the case, and you must make sure that this domain is not present in two accounts

If /scripts/updateuserdomains does not solve this - you are in the very bad 10 % :)

3) Go and log into the problematic account.
Although WHM does not list the account, there's a way around this, and it is either by direct login
using the a login link, or by logging into any cPanel account and then using the drop-down menu that allows
you to switch between accounts.
Once you log in most probably you'll be seeing => error while processing this directive .
If this is so, check the status field on the left side, and see what is missing, because something is missing :)
If the IP address is missing - bad bad bad :)

/usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf file
/var/named/the zone file for this domain
/var/cpanel/users -

Check if the IP address is present everywhere in those files ! And make
sure that it is the correct one.

If you try to use the Show Active / Inactive link in the WHM be careful, since this did solve
the problem partially for me, but after that I had to edit some files myself, because it changed
the domain from .net to .com and the last one was a parked domain in this account,
rather having a separate cPanel account.

2) go to the httpd.conf and grep for the domain you are looking for
make sure to create a httpd.conf.bak file before making any changes to that file.

If the Vhost is missing - add it manually, but be very careful , and after that restart Apache ,
and see if the accounts are being listed now

Enough for now. There are another ways to solve this (not included here, since I'm not all-remembering machine), so dig in the forum :)