activating a new zip file website with no install folder


Apr 22, 2012
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IT question...I have a ziped website that I put into the file manager of my cpanel. Its the only website on the cpanel. I have the sql set up for it so its all good...there is no INSTALL how do I get it to install? I only see the file cgi names on the white screen when I go to the site.....any ideas? go ahead and speak the lingo I can take it...

I have the reseller account and this is one of my sites
I have it pointed to another url right now while I work on it..

Thanks for any help you can lend or tell me where I can ask...
thank you.
Sandra Weeks


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May 20, 2003
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If I understand you correctly, this is a database driven site that someone has created for you, and provided the files and database to you for use. Assuming thats the case, and you mention that the database is setup for it, assuming there that you've imported it via phpMyAdmin into a database on your account. Then the next step I think might be to look at the MySQL Database area of your cPanel, create a user there, give that user a password and associate this new user with that database name shown to you there.

Once you've created and associated that user, and of course unzipped the file of the website to your public_html directory or wherever you're placing it, the last step might be to find and edit the config file for this database driven site to tell it what the database name is, the user and that users password. In doing so you allow the website files to speak to the database and get the site to actually work as expected.

I have no clue what type of site you're talking about here though, whether its a wordpress blog or Joomla CMS sort of site so cannot tell you were the config file might be located for editing.


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Oct 2, 2010
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Given what you are saying about the database being setup already in your initial post, and that you only see the cgi file(s), are you certain that you have the site pointing to the right directory for the location of the index page? What type of environment was the site on previously?

If it was Linux, it might have had an .htaccess file either setting a page as the index to use (DirectoryIndex pagename.ext where pagename.ext is the name of the home page), or it might have had a redirect to the folder where the site actually resides.

If the above on what Infopro has stated and what I just stated isn't the case, then your best course of action would be to contact whoever provided the zip file to ask them about it.